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Catherine is a full-time marketing professional in the greater NYC area and currently works for the recruiting industry. She has delivered marketing presentations and recruiting solutions to billion-dollar fashion clients, Wall Street investment banks, telecommunications giants, and data management firms. Her market research covers trends and news within financial services, regulatory compliance, data management, and emerging technology. She authors marketing materials, in-person and downloadable presentations, job descriptions, company briefs, white papers, and content for her company blog.

Catherine has additional experience in lifestyle writing for magazines and blogs. A native of New Zealand, she has blogged on her travels throughout the Middle East, Europe, North America, and the South Pacific. A prolific cook, she loves food writing and photography, with a special fascination for northern Italian, farm-to-table, and New Zealand cuisines.


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Summary of Industry Experience


In her time as an executive recruiter, Catherine has interfaced with directors and C-level executives across many industries: investment banking, regulatory compliance, technology, telecom, apparel, manufacturing, software, and more.

In addition to instructional content designed for the average employee, Catherine delivers high-level original business content built to appeal to an executive audience.


Catherine works full-time in the staffing industry as an executive recruiter and marketer. Her client portfolio includes Wall Street investment banks, technology companies, and billion-dollar retail clients.
Catherine spearheads her firm's marketing activities and coordinates the content team. She writes marketing materials, presentations, blog content, and job briefs. Her market research focuses on emerging business trends and technology, such as data analytics, big data, staffing trends, financial regulatory compliance, and data management software.
As a recruiter, she interfaces with clients, negotiates salary requirements, conducts interviews, and manages the hiring process from start to finish. She specializes in solutions for financial services and retail, although she has worked with clients in healthcare, technology, telecommunications, and fashion.


Catherine worked for 5 years in insurance at the agency level, marketing personal and commercial insurance products. During this time, she worked as a freelance writer and authored many articles on insurance, banking, business, and personal finance. She received her Personal & Commercial NY insurance license in 2009 and has special expertise in insurance products for small businesses.


Catherine cooks in a sunny southern New Jersey kitchen. She develops recipes around uncomplicated ingredients that focus on technique, terroir, and experience. Her signature “Two-Ingredient Tuesday” recipe series highlights refined dishes with deceptively simple ingredients: fresh pasta, marmalade, farmhouse ricotta, and caffè corretto.
She has a fascination with northern Italian cuisine from studying abroad in the city of Bologna. Her style also draws heavily from her childhood in New Zealand. She's up to date with restaurant trends, top chefs, and food writing across the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
In addition to her blog writing, her experience includes recipe development, food styling, DSLR food photography, blog layout, and food photo editing.

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Blog Post

Catherine has blogged since 2008, both recreationally and professionally. Her lifestyle blog writing focuses on food and recipe development, international travel, and other general lifestyle topics. She has managed professional company blogs and writes on topics related to the executive recruiting industry, including financial services news, staffing trends, social media recruitment tools, data management software, and emerging technology.

White Paper

Catherine authors whitepapers in conjunction with the analytics team of her firm. Using client data provided by the technical team, she collaborates with them to identify their conclusions, then designing and writing the whitepaper content. She focuses primarily on whitepapers that highlight technical or analytical solutions and services.

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