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Jennifer realized at a young age that working with children was something that she loved to do. She began working with two year olds at a local preschool, while she was still in high school. After graduating, Jennifer decided to throw her hat into the military arena. She served her country for six years and was able to see many different wonderful places during that time. Upon completing her tour of duty, Jennifer decided that she wanted to try something new and exciting. This is when she decided to start working at a gym. She was able to learn a plethora of information about health and fitness. She helped clients with workout routines and developed dietary guidelines to help them maximize the results that they were getting. For the past eight years, Jennifer has been writing on top of raising three young children, teaching toddlers about God, and caring for her pets. She loves to save money and takes every thrifty approach she can to make sure that she gets the most bang for her buck. She has experience writing about just about any subject, but loves to do research because it allows her to learn new information.


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Jennifer has worked in the fitness world for many years. The military gave her the basis of her training and she went on to add to those skills through the training she received when she worked at a gym. The trainers taught her the ins and outs of living a healthy lifestyle and developing a strategy that is customized to someone's unique needs. She has experience with diet, exercise, and even illness prevention.


Jennifer loves to save money everywhere that she can. She takes the time to make sure that she uses coupons properly and saves money in every way that she can. She grows her own vegetables to cut back on produce costs, makes homemade cleaners, and even sews some of her children's clothing. She knows that every penny counts and tries her best to save every penny she can.


Jennifer enjoys making just about anything by hand. She has taken the time to teach herself how to sew, crochet, and knit. She enjoys refinishing furniture, painting rooms, and making unique pieces of handmade décor to display in her home. She also makes homemade gifts to give to loved ones using unconventional items. She believes that nothing has to go to waste, if someone is creative enough.

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