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Madison S. is a freelance writer and musician. He has worked extensively writing SEO-friendly content for corporate blogs, and has also published news articles, travel recommendations, music instructional content, and political writing. He has a Bachelors of Political Science from Mcgill University.


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Industry Projects

  • Sports7
  • Travel6
  • Health4

Summary of Industry Experience


Madison was a sports writer for the Mcgill Daily. His articles were usually long-form, in-depth pieces that looks at the intersection between politics and current events in sports. He also wrote editorial pieces about pressing issues and articles about new developments in sports technology. He had to research and write my own articles and make sure they met the newspaper's rigorous fact-checking standards.


Madison was a paid travel writer creating list-based, shareable content about travel destinations and activities. He wrote informative articles about how to seek out the best restaurants and attractions while visiting other places and also assembled photo essays showcasing the architecture in travel destinations. He was responsible for writing and researching the content as well as finding photo resources.


Madison wrote health news articles for an online newspaper. He has to find new studies and information about new treatments and translate scientific language for a general audience. He has also written many health articles about senior issues, alternative medicine, and diet for another content creation website. His health reporting has covered health controversies, the pharmaceutical industry, and disease prevention.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article20+
  • Web Page1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Madison has experience blogging about many different topics. He worked as a marketing blogger for a digital marketing firm, crafting posts for the corporate blogs of several of the firm's clients. These blogs addressed topics like restaurant news, real estate, Microsoft news, and cell phones. Madison also wrote travel blog posts and maintains a personal blog focusing on his music.


Madison's essay-writing background has given him a strong foundation for in-depth article writing. He wrote long investigative sports pieces for a newspaper, and has published guitar instructional articles. He also has extensive news article writing experience, crafting pieces about entertainment news, gossip, health news, and technology.

Web Page

Madison wrote website copy for a banking informational website. For this position, he had to research information about financial institutions and create readable, SEO-friendly content that would be helpful for consumers. He also had to format content for Wordpress. On other content creation sites, he has written website content like FAQs, staff bios, and summaries.

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