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Brandi H. started her career working in mental health care. She leveraged that knowledge into a successful career in multi-site multifamily management. During her career, she worked with properties of every imaginable type and socioeconomic status. It was there that she developed her desire to work in public policy for disadvantaged populations.

Brandi has written over 60 papers as part of her graduate work, covering topics from nonprofits, to government, to issues related to social constructs and policy narratives. Brandi completed two internships, one in economic development and the other in program evaluation design.

Examples of her work include market research, Fair Housing guidance, one-on-one business counseling, program evaluation, landlord-tenant information, business plan editing and development, organizational analysis, and research regarding civic engagement and diversity in rural communities. She has been exposed to grant writing and has successfully co-authored a $10,000 grant.

Brandi owns her own business where she provides web copy, Wordpress web design support, ghostwriting, editorial services, Press Kits, and strategic planning.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Using the skills Brandi acquired from the small business center she created a 60-page business plan for a client. The client is proposing a start up in the area and will be using the plan to seek funds from an investment group and local bankers. The plan includes narratives about the industry, the product, the construction, the financials, and staffing. Throughout this process, Brandi relied on her research skills to understand and expand clients ideas onto the pages of the plan. The project took approximately 40 hours.


Through her love of reading Brandi has developed skills to analyze complex material and synthesize it with other sources to create critical reviews. Brandi's literature reviews include analysis of the work, fact checking of statements, counterarguments and interviews of those associated with the work when possible.

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Summary of Product Experience

Newsletter Content

Brandi is well versed in content that is designed to tell a story. She has a knack for interviewing that brings to light the best qualities of the individual or business to help them shine.

White Paper

As a student Brandi took the initiative to pursue classes not offered within her program. Her love of public policy analysis allowed her to complete a paper for an independent study class on the topic of federal housing policy. The 4,900 word paper was written using scholarly resources. The paper has been accepted for publication in the Southeast Missouri State University Journal, Helix, in August.

Press Release

During her internship working in economic and community development, Brandi was asked to create several press releases. The press releases were designed to both inform the community and to recruit participants to the programs. Information for the press releases was collected from the program directors and participants. The press releases were distributed via local newspapers and radio stations.

Blog Post

Brandi has been managing her own personal blog for several years as well as the blog for the small business center where she volunteered. Topics include start up, business expansion, branding, public policy, small business and finance.

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