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Meaghan R
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Westland, MI
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Meaghan has been writing for fun for many years. About nine years ago, she started writing content online. It "clicked" for her immediately and she's been at it ever since.
These days, she primarily ghost-writes for a large selection of clients. The content that she writes ranges considerably from one client to the next. For instance, one longtime client is an online men's lifestyle magazine; another is a major online retailer of evening gowns, prom dresses and other formal wear for women.
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Meaghan specializes in an eclectic range of writing styles. She is just as comfortable writing short, snappy sales pieces as she is with writing longer, more technical copy. She is also extremely well-versed in SEO and stays continually up-to-date regarding search engine algorithms and how they affect SEO.


Meaghan loves to read and vastly prefers opening up a book to watching television. She enjoys cooking, traveling and music as well.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Attended the U of M's Residential College program and studied under the LS&A undergraduate program.


1,513 Projects Completed

Meaghan specializes in marketing-related topics. She is particularly experienced in Internet marketing. With more than three years of online marketing experience, Meaghan is able to take on these topics with exceptional skill and unbeatable insight. She is able to write convincingly and concisely about everything from SEO to SEM, and she genuinely enjoys these topics as well.


500 Projects Completed

Meaghan has written extensively about family-related topics. She has plenty of personal experience with infants, toddlers, children and preteens. She uses that experience to craft high-quality articles and blog posts that people actually want to read. Through the years, she has written about everything from teaching kids how to be financially responsible to talking to teens about sensitive topics.


211 Projects Completed

Meaghan has completed more than 100 health-related projects in the last eight years. Topics have included dietary advice articles, press releases for new fitness products and overviews of common prescription medications. Meaghan enjoys studying about new health topics and also keeps up with health-related news. As a result, she is able to write about current health topics with ease.


51 Projects Completed

Meaghan has written hundreds of financial articles in the more than eight years that she has been a freelancer writer. She particularly enjoys writing about mortgage and real estate topics. However, she is also adept at writing about investment-related topics. She is able to tweak the tone of any article she writes to meet clients’ needs.


8,027 Projects Completed

Meaghan has successfully completed more than 17,000 articles in the last eight years. Topics have ranged from automotive overviews to in-depth tech-related pieces.

Press Release

1,585 Projects Completed

Meaghan specializes in crafting well-researched, compelling press releases. She is familiar with the guidelines of popular sites like PRWeb and can create press releases that are approved and posted quickly.

Blog Post

1,584 Projects Completed

Meaghan writes unique blog posts for a wide variety of clients. She has a knack for putting a personal touch on the blog posts that she creates, which produces more effective results for clients.

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