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Isaac has worked for 10 years writing web and print product descriptions for most product categories: clothing, military, shooting, hiking, hunting, sports, home, garden and more. He's also an experienced blogger for small business niches.
He's freelanced single assignments for finance, business, health, travel and similar industries.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

During the past year, Isaac had a on-going working relationship with a manufacturer of single-use coffee pods. Topics were largely picked to drive search traffic to the website, but they also allowed him to explore a wide variety of coffee-related niches. The below sample combines interesting coffee history with a coffee recipe, and specifically modifies a well-known beverage recipe to work with the client's coffee pod system.


During his freelance career, Isaac has had the opportunity to work with many clients. This sample was written for an audience of C-suite executives for credit union organizations. The client was a credit union advisory group looking to help businesses navigate the complex world of credit union mergers.

Product Projects

  • Article4
  • Advertisement3
  • Product Description2

Summary of Product Experience


Isaac has experience writing longer form articles like the below gambling piece. This public relations piece was written with current events in mind, and was required to have links to news being featured in mainstream publications. Potential sources of information were supplied by the client, and Isaac added additional sources during his own research.


Isaac spent time on other platforms writing content to help expand the online presence of small creative businesses. The task for this article was to show the human touch the photographer brought to his business, and why customer relationships can make or break a creative business. Isaac used his own experiences as a freelance writer to partly inform his exploration of the freelance photography industry.

Product Description

Isaac has worked a full time position writing product descriptions for online and catalog retailer. These included items from a huge assortment of product categories including soft and hard lines. Sell points for each product ranged from quality and affordability represented in private labels to cool, collectible products like genuine military surplus. Initial product information was supplied by a network of buyers, and supplemental research carried out on his own when necessary. He has the flexibility to write either short or long-form, depending on the strengths and positioning of the specific product.

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