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Throughout her career, Nicole has leveraged a keen sense of empathy to write both evocative and academic copy. In her most recent position as the Associate Director of Admissions Operations at Salve Regina University, she operates and manages the entirety of both Graduate and Continuing Education admissions lifecycle. Unique to the role is the research and documentation she has produced for state authorization processes, including but not limited to: reports, summaries and findings, recruitment, marketing material, and narratives.

In addition, for the past three years she has worked for marketing boutique Lopez Mora as copywriter/project manager. Her job responsibilities are comprised of creating: white papers, personas, blogs, research materials, tools and assessments, and narratives for companies including: Leo Burnett, Altria, Phillip Morris, United Nations for the International Year of Pulses (2016), and most recently a Bourbon Distillery out of Colorado.

As a longstanding member of the University and non-profit arenas, she has consistently been charged with creating copy to contribute to the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of students, clients, customers, and consumers. It is by these requisite skills of audience-specific messaging and education experience that she desires to continue to contribute to any organization seeking evocative and comprehensive content to further their strategic goals.

Throughout her career, she has contributed to a variety of different organizations including the criminal justice, mental health, wellness, higher education coordinating and providing grant writing, marketing material, marketing strategies, and diversity training, especially with Spanish speaking populations. While pursuing writing through experiences at Salve Regina University, as well as Lopez Mora, it is her desire to diversify my portfolio by contributing to other organizations.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


In addition to writing white papers and narratives, Nicole also has written over a dozen blogs for organizations ranging from the United Nations to a Bourbon Company out of Colorado. The following is a blog written for a marketing boutique as a teaser into further insights an information written about the millennial generation.


For the past four years Nicole has completed both internal and customer facing white papers and marketing content for several American based tobacco manufacturers. Primarily writing has focused on a revitalization of the industry and increase of sales.

Consumer Goods

Although Nicole enjoys research and writing of blogs and white papers, she also enjoys more creative style writing. She has created personas and narratives for popular theme parks as well as working extensively in the adult beverage industry. The following is a persona generated for an adult beverage company. The following was recorded for digital media.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Nicole designed the website for a marketing boutique for which she currently is subcontracting. Content include working with the boutique to define mission, purpose and values in addition to services offered and biographies of the staff.

Newsletter Content

Nicole has worked with a variety of organizations in improving their internal content. It is important for employees to remain engaged and to understand current trends in order to predict and develop strategy around their impact. The following is an excerpt of copy written for an internal newsletter. This was titled "Shame for Hire"

White Paper

Nicole has written several whitepapers, blogs and articles dispelling myths and providing concrete data to support organizations in optimizing relationships with their millennial employees, customers and consumers.

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