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Covers real estate, corporate administration, travel, sports, and exposure to various cultures, lifestyles and social enjoyment/issues, any of which is relative as a starting point to seek out needed resources to fulfill the assignment. An in-depth researcher who always verify information and confirm the sources.

Write articles, academic papers, corporate documents, book manuscripts, and ads for television and other media. Also design catalogs for print including product descriptions and photo enhancements.

Books authored:
• Welcome to Wealth Road, non-fiction-2016
• Fate Walker, fiction-2014
• The 1,000 Year Survival Guide, non-fiction-2005


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Industry Projects

  • Business20+
  • Non Profit8
  • Entertainment3

Summary of Industry Experience


Write and revise corporate manuals and software guidebooks. Also write case studies and root cause reports based on received data, along with test result documents and field studies for the oil and gas industry.

Non Profit

Write requested and some freelance articles for urban and community organizations. Included is a requested article that projects a positive view of graffiti artists.


Write features films and 10 to 30-second television commercials. Skilled in the craft, and have ghost written two scripts. A sample of "Of Common Means," a comedy, is included.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement20+

Summary of Product Experience


Ad writing covers shoes, jewelry, woman's clothes, and turbo diesel engines. The latter ad sample is included.

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