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Bobby Johnson is a professional actor, musician, and journalist with 5 + years in the industry. Currently living in Chicago, Bobby started his acting and writing endeavors at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Within those 9 months, Bobby learned to write scripts, screenplays, and short stories from scratch under professional playwright guidance. Afterwards, Bobby moved to New York to pursue his acting career, as well as his technical writing and journalism passions. During his time in New York, Bobby worked for Harlem News Group, INC. and Brooklyn News, writing analytical pieces on the Theatre and Film scene. He later joined an elite group of screening viewers for Disney Studios, Warner Bros Pictures and University Studios. Bobby also wrote pieces and projects on topics such as The Harlem College System, The Brooklyn Public School System and business related projects on TV production studios in each of the New York Boroughs. Wanting to explore more of his music abilities and passions, he made the move to Chicago, where he currently resides and performs for Filament Theatre Company, The Goodman, and Theatre BAM!


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


As a Theatre and Film critic for Harlem News INC, Bobby attended pre-screenings of blockbuster films, independent films, Broadway shows, and small storefront productions to feature in the weekly Harlem periodical. He wrote insightful, informative, and above all else, enthusiastic pieces about such shows and films to better expose their existence, as well as intrigue the reader's interest in viewing such forms of entertainment.


Bobby's most recent business work entailed creating an updated Catalog for the Wisconsin Business Incubation Association. The catalog includes listings of events, educational opportunities for new business owners, and detailed descriptions of each opportunity available within this association.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


To better serve the state of Wisconsin and its flourishing business community, Bobby wrote a proposal to one of its business incubators proposing the idea of opening their doors to advanced social networking and expansion. In the end, the incubator approved of such ideas featured in his proposal, which allowed him to move forward with his networking project for the WBIA.


As a professional actor, Bobby often writes scripts for solo performances and theatre companies. His most recent was for Shattered Globe Theatre Company, in an original piece entitled 'We're Fine.'

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