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Melissa J's undergraduate degree is in Political Science, with an additional concentration in American Government, and a minor in History, with an emphasis on U.S. Government. Her background within those academic disciplines provided her with many opportunities to write formal essays and research papers. Truth be told, she was writing formally before college. Melissa's mother was an English major, and as early as 4th grade, she was teaching Melissa how to write formal reports for school. This included book reports in 4th grade and science reports in 5th grade. She taught her the note-taking process, how to seek out important information within sources, how to organize the information succinctly, the importance of writing a rough draft, editing, and then producing a final copy. By the time she was in high school, writing research papers truly was no big deal! She did a better job at teaching and explaining the writing process than her English teachers did. When Melissa was in college, she consistently preferred writing papers to studying for tests. It was much more rewarding to research and write about a specific topic, than memorize information, only to spit it back out on a multiple choice test. In fact, by the time she was a junior in college, Melissa was editing and proofreading my friends papers for them-something that came easy to me. After college, Melissa went on to receive two Masters degrees. One Masters is in Corporate and Professional Communication, and the other is in Curriculum and Instruction, specific to Special Education. Not surprisingly, during the time she was in graduate school, she continued to write research papers, including a meta-analysis. In order to receive a Masters in Communication, Melissa was given a series of essay questions to answer, in writing. She then had to defend her written answers orally to a panel of 3 professors. Melissa continues to write today. She regularly writes and develops Individual Education Programs (IEP's) for students, which are legally binding documents. She also writes behavioral and academic reports for school staff, parents, and outside resources (such as doctors and mental health professionals).


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Melissa J, always enamored politics, not surprisingly, majored in Political Science while in college. She even went so far as to enroll in additional courses her junior and senior year, as electives, so that she could earn a concentration in American Government. She wrote (and enjoyed doing so) countless essays and papers geared towards politics and government while in college. She went on to work on local and state political campaigns during the summer of 2000, in Virginia. Interestingly, she also has a family member who is a United States State Senator...Today, Melissa thoroughly enjoys teaching 8th grade Civics because of all the exciting topics she and her co-teacher get to teach. They include: Political Parties/Elections, 3 Branches of Government, and Checks and Balances. She is also excited it is an Election year, as it will most definitely continue to be a year in politics that no one has seen before!


Melissa J has been teaching for over 10 years and has worked with kids who range in age from 4 up through high school. She has taught in rural (poor and well-to-do), urban, and suburban areas. She has worked with kids who come from wonderful, supportive homes, who put food on the table each night, and she has worked with kids who have been beaten, neglected, and who have to school starving for food-and attention. She has worked with kids as young as 4th grade who have been suicidal, and as young as 1st grade who have been diagnosed with early-onset schizophrenia. She has worked with students who are bi-polar, have ADHD, have anxiety, are depressed, have eating disorders, have learning disabilities, visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, are Autistic, are non-verbal, have physical impairments, and who are oppositionally defiant and otherwise conduct disordered.

On the flip side, she has 2 children of her own, and she knows what it's like to have 2 kids under the age of 3! She does know what it's like trying to balance work and family life, especially when she's the only parent home most nights, due to her husband's work schedule.


Melissa J has been working in the field of Education for almost 16 years. She has experience working with students as young as 4 years old, up through high school. She has taught special education in both self-contained and mainstreamed (regular education) settings. Melissa has taught in rural, urban and suburban settings, providing her with wide variety of experiences. These experiences include not just working with students, but teachers, administrators, parents, other school staff, and outside resources as well (especially those who work in the mental health field). Over the years, she has taught every subject and every grade K-5), and has taught the English, Math, History/Civics, and Physical Science at the secondary level Middle School).

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Melissa J has written articles for who is probably considered to be a direct competitor of WriterAccess. She has written an article/review for a reality show on television (which was going to be included on a website or a blog elsewhere). She has also written an article on a nationally known lime of hair care products and its founder. She's also written an article on a famous American actress who's launched her own affordable clothing line.

Data Sheet

Melissa J creates data sheets every year to be used daily/weekly for students with disabilities, in order to keep track of annual, measurable goals, which are part of each student's Individual Education Program. Each data sheet is different since it has to focus specifically on individual student data. The data that is gathered typically revolves around academics, self-advocacy, organization skills, or behavioral data.

Email Copy

Melissa J has been using email ever since it became available for her to use, in 1996! She initially used it as fast way to communicate with friends and family in college on what is now dated PC's. As time progressed, she obviously used email much more frequently. Today, it's the primary means of communication with teachers, other school staff, and parents at school (Melissa J teaches). She frequently does need to copy co-workers and administrators on emails that she writes. This includes carbon copies (Cc) of emails and blind carbon copies (Bcc) of emails.

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