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Writing compelling short and long articles, web content, social media content, media updates, product, business, book reviews, and product descriptions.

Familiar with will all aspects of writing, editing, proofreading and with preparing manuscripts for publication. I know publishing online and in print. I learned it as an Intern using lead and printing presses and I practice it in the digital age when I publish my own books.

Expect outstanding quality, dedication to the job, reliability and timely delivery on any job – big or small.

Writing for your profit. Between 91 and 93 percent of all B2B businesses use the Web to inform and keep in touch with clients, customers, and sales.

B2B buyers read on average five content pieces before talking to a salesperson. The majority of buyers completes 57 % of their decision before talking to a salesperson. Eighty-two percent of B2B prospects are on social media. Pushy salespeople and sales hype are out. Social media content and updates generate more sales in their place. One dollar spent on a B2B email letter returns on average over $ 42.00 in sales.

Preferring to write articles, web content for blogs and updates for social media. Also factual, informative short pieces on social media and the company blog that attract potential customers and convert them into buyers. Blog articles show customers with a particular problem to solve how a company product can do that.


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Industry Projects

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Short web content articles for a multitude of industries and businesses either directly or for consolidators.

These are short 300 word articles around given keywords. He selects the subject as long as it is related to the business of the client.

Product Projects

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Web Page

Design, prepare, write, and update web pages, including related materials, research, and selection of images and video content.

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