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As a copywriter and original team member of a startup, Josh directed discourse about the potential for unrecognized implications in copy and maximizing the impact and effectiveness of text. In the early phases of marketing he helped found consumer roots by extracting qualitative insight from data analytics to minimize aversive subtleties in language. He successfully increased click through rates from target client demographics, which he also helped discover, and helped upkeep progressively challenging marketing and communication standards. He is still a consultant for the owner of the company.


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As a freelance writer he has completed numerous projects for a diverse range of clients. His writing in the business industry is often catered to small to medium sized business owners. His area of expertise is a very interdisciplinary arena that covers a broad range of subjects in technology, often lending advice to readers on utilizing both hard and soft tools.


His freelance writing in the Technology industry has been originally influenced by research based information and writing. Having access to a wealth of educational and professional, up to date research data-bases, Josh is always up to date on trends in technology before they even hit blogs or the news. On top of being constantly up to speed, he is deeply aware of obscure elements of the tech-world, giving him an upper hand as a writer in this industry.

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Primarily evergreen style writing. He has covered a diverse range of subjects from cigars, to fashion, to interior decoration, and so on.


Being the dynamic, versatile, and extremely adaptable writer he is, Josh can easily perform professional research in nearly any field and become knowledgeable on it in a very short period of time.

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