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Lynn is an accomplished professional writer, published in newspapers, magazines, books and on the internet.
She has been focused on writing and publishing blogs and articles on the web for the past eight years, honing her knowledge of effective SEO practices as well as her talent for creating valuable content that readers enjoy and share.
Her ability to research thoroughly and cover a diverse number of topics in an interesting and informative way has led her to write everything from greeting cards to travel guides. She is good at interviewing and writing profiles on business people, artists, inventors and others.
Her teaching training and skills allow her to communicate complicated or multi-layered concepts clearly, and her ability to describe and explain particulars makes her an excellent content creator for a wide variety of different businesses.


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Industry Projects

  • Real Estate20+
  • Travel20+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Lynn was a Realtor, with the GRI designation. She listed and sold residential properties, working with sellers and buyers. She has created websites for real estate agents, written content, brochures, flyers, and ads. She understands sales and marketing as it relates to sellers and buyers of real estate property. She also understands that different types of properties require different presentations. As with any marketing, it's important to know the prospect, their wants and needs, their fears and concerns, so that these can be addressed. Since real estate transactions are relationships, the agent's personality is also part of the brand.


Lynn was the Editor/Contributing Writer for Yellowstone Country, GoldWest Country, Russell Country, and Missouri River Country Travel Guides, and the GoldWest and Russell Country/Missouri River Auto Tour Guides. She wrote a camping book, and auto tour guides. She's had articles in several travel magazines.


Lynn has a degree in Elementary Education and is able to present information in a logical and effective way. Often a client has such deep knowledge of a topic that they are not able to express it in a way that a novice would understand. Lynn can take the information and make it accessible to the average person. She has taught adult classes in person and online, creating the curriculum and content.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page50+
  • Newsletter Content10+

Summary of Product Experience


Lynn has written articles for numerous magazines and was a stringer for two Montana newspapers, as well as a columnist for a local paper. She has worked on assignment and speculation, covering topics from business products to artist profiles. She works to match the slant and tone of the publication, so the article is geared toward the readers in style and substance.

Blog Post

Lynn has been writing, editing and publishing blogs and articles on the web for the past eight years, honing her knowledge of effective SEO practices as well as her talent for creating valuable content that readers enjoy and share. She draws on her extensive experience in writing and publishing newspaper and magazine articles, as well as numerous books. Her background and training in website design, sales and marketing results in blog post content that works for reaching readers and increasing SEO.

Web Page

Lynn assists clients with their web copy or writes the copy based on the information provided. Web copy is unique because readers tend to skim, and the points must be clear. Lynn helps clients determine who their ideal prospect is and what those prospects need, then creates copy that addresses those points. She guides her clients to think beyond features and explain the benefits, keeping the focus on how the product or service solves their prospect's problem or meets their needs.
Once the copy is written, she uses headings (H1, H2, H3) and bullet points where necessary to enhance the SEO and readability. She determines a focus keyword or phrase for the page, and incorporates it the ideal number of times and locations to increase SEO success. She also crafts a title and meta description, with the focus keyword or phrase, that will encourage searchers to click through, and ensure the copy has an appropriate readability level and is the best length for the purpose.

Newsletter Content

Lynn can set up the initial account, with either an RSS feed from the website or individual email blasts. She helps the client determine a strategy for their newsletters and a calendar for publication. She creates consistent branding throughout the campaigns and personalizes the emails that are sent after sign-up. She works with the client to make the experience optimal for the subscriber, which might mean offering a bonus for signing up, or managing a drip campaign. She also analyzes the open and response rates, clickthroughs and bounces for the most effective results.

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