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Writing is a lifelong love of Bryan's. Counseled to not enter a mathematical or scientific profession as language was his main strength growing up, he is thankful for not heeding that advice because he believes his engineering training can in turn improve his writing. Bryan is completing his bachelors in Civil Engineering this year.

Professionally, Bryan has written Air Force news stories as well as creating graphic art pieces and managing video shoots. His variety of creative and professional experiences gives him a wide lens in which to locate the context and true essence of a piece.


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Bryan wrote articles for an Air Force online and print publication. Pieces were primarily factual and journalistic in style though some were more artistic and creative feature stories illuminating various aspects of and stories from military life.

Product Projects

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Bryan has written primarily concise and informational works between three and 15 paragraphs, adhering to appropriate style guides. For many he also conducted interviews when needed or beneficial to the subject matter.

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