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Taylor E. is a playwright, essayist, and journalist. Their latest writing achievement was writing an open letter to the Public Theater in New York City - the letter has since been endorsed by over 300 people, been covered by Flux Weekly and the Huffington Post, and has led to structural change at The Public Theater. WriterAccess specialties include speeches, letters, articles, and anything having to do with art, culture, food or gaming. BFA, Theatre and Writing, NYU.


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Taylor is a working theatre artist and arts journalist, whose work has been either covered or published by Flux Weekly, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and American Theatre magazine. Taylor possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the New York City theatre and arts scene, and attends at least 3-4 productions or art events a week to ensure they are tuned into the current trends of the NYC art world.


Taylor is a working food journalist and culture writer. Their specialities in this field include the study of modern day "food deserts" and the history of food and American cuisine, as well as reviews of numerous New York City restaurants.


Taylor is a game designer with a comprehensive knowledge of video and analog games, with special interests in narrative-rich video games, tabletop role-playing games, live-action role playing games, and the history of gaming. Their thesis on the theatricality of video games was a finalist for inclusion in this year's Theater Journal (Johns Hopkins).

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Taylor is a working essayist and journalist. Recently, their Open Letter to The Public Theater garnered thousands of views, over 300 co-signatures, and coverage by Flux Weekly, Huffington Post, and American Theatre Magazine.


As a result of Taylor's Open Letter to The Public (see Articles asset), The Public Theater in New York City held a town hall meeting to address gender and representation at The Public. The speech Taylor gave at this meeting has been met with universal acclaim from the New York City theatre and arts community.

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