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Arthur G. has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences. He is a professional full-time content writer for an internet marketing company. He has been working there for a little under a year at this point. His previous experience includes writing for a non-profit environmental organization's blog. He was a top writer for that blog. He wrote on a volunteer basis for a few other smaller blogs. He eventually moved on to becoming a freelance writer for an automotive internet company. He has a passion and a lot of knowledge when it comes to automotive topics. After being a successful freelance writer for 6 months he was able to land his current content writing position. In addition, Arthur writes weekly for his personal blog that focuses on learning, personal development and what is on his current reading list. His favorite reading topics include psychology, science and philosophy. He is also web savvy and runs his own websites that are built on WordPress. His blog's audience continues to grow steadily.


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Industry Projects

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  • Auto20+
  • Green Living20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Arthur G. is currently employed by an online digital marketing company. He is a full time content writer. The number of projects would be hard estimate. Arthur G. has been working with his current employer for 9 months (and counting).


Arthur G. was employed as a freelance writer for an online automotive company. This company owned a wide range of automotive forums. He was hired to write how-to guides. He wrote about manufacturers such as Honda, Ford and Chevrolet.

Green Living

Arthur G. was a blog post writer for a non-profit environmental organization that was dedicated to fighting climate change. He ended up being a lead blog post writer for the organization.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Arthur G. has written blog posts for his personal website & for an non-profit environmental organization.


Arthur G. primarily writes articles for his current content writing job. His articles are posted on the client's website. The articles describe the client's services.

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