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Arnold Klein graduated with a BS degree in biology. After graduation, he taught science for 4 years at the high school level. He taught New York Regents level biology and general science for 4 years. After teaching, he moved on to a city job doing social work with foster children and their foster homes. Besides doing case work he called his investigative skills into play by locating missing parents. Later he became a New York City Probation Officer and continued to do casework and further refined his investigation skills completing pre-sentence reports for judges at time of sentencing for the defendants. Part of his assignment at the supervisors level was to analyse the legal aspects of the cases and to know the criminal and procedural law to complete this. Probation Officer Klein also had to appear in court on occasion to defend probation cases. Arnold Klein retired in 2009. Since then for approximately a year and a half, he worked for a large department store as a loss prevention security guard. As a loss prevention security guard he had to be on the lookout for shoplifters. He also has an interest in short story writing and have had some science fiction stories published in fanzines.


Arnold Klein holds a BS degree in biology, medical degree (he did not practice) certificate as a paralegal, and he holds a guard license from New York.


He enjoys reading, cooking, writing fiction, doing research using books and the computer, traveling.


Long Island University, Brooklyn New York

Studied general biology as well as advanced classes in physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, genetics, histology, etc.

Autonomous University of Guadalajara Mexico

Attended medical school in Mexico. Took classroom and clinical sciences. Assigned to clinical duty where we saw patients.


1,000 Projects Completed

Most of the projects Arnold Klein completed were pre-sentence reports for the courts. Probation officers in the special investigations unit that Arnold Klein was a member of, wrote reports after interviewing defendants and obtaining a legal and social history. Other projects completed were financial proposals to obtain funding for various projects. Probation officers also write memos to the court and the supervisors review them and sign off on them. Sometimes members of the executive staff write summary memos to the senior staff which condenses numerous documents into an easy to read summary.


5 Projects Completed

Arnold Klein completed financial grants to obtain funding for various projects. He secured funding to obtain up to date radio equipment, bullet proof vests and up to date computer software. Sometimes entire grants were written by one officer or a small group of officers working on individual sections of the grant.At other times an officer may review a written grant with the provider to make improvements or corrections.

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