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Mariah began to write fiction when she was 12 years old. Though mostly fiction, she began working with basic grammar and played with her style. The summer after she graduated from high school, she found an online freelance writing job. Out of the five star rating system, she was given a rating of four stars. She has been working there for almost a year, but has decided to branch out to gain more experience writing in the business world.


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Since 2012, Mariah has been writing novels. She does self-publish, and is not well recognized outside of her friends and family. However, she continues to write her novels and challenge herself. What good is it to write if she doesn't get out of her comfort zone? Works include pieces in general fiction, fantasy, vampire literature, and science fiction.

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Mariah has been writing for another freelance website since June 2015. She began with a wonderful rating, and has only had eight articles rejected within that time. Articles she has written include an e-book on essential oils, a revision of a chiropractic website, and an article on Halloween decorations, but these are simply the tip of the ice burg. She has written in many different categories, such as "home and family", "health", "miscellaneous", "automobile", and "business". She does her research before she writes any article.


Mariah has written three full length novels that are currently self-published, with a fourth in editing and publishing stages and a fifth being written. All stand alone, and all are written in fiction. She has been writing books since she was a freshman in high school; she began with National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), and continues to participate in NaNoWriMo to this day.

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