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Anthony is a freelance copywriter and co-founder of a website dedicated to reporting on the indie video game industry, game design and modification, and gaming culture. Outside of video game journalism, Anthony holds a BS with a focus on German Language and History, and has a passion for learning languages and improving his craft as a writer and editor.

With six years of technical, journalistic, and creative writing experience, he has assisted with writing and revising operations manuals for his university's alumni foundation database, as well as B507, a student-run, professor-mentored graphic design group.

In addition to producing content for his website, Anthony has written on topics such as German literature, transhumanism, and the human condition. Aside from his usual interests, he enjoys opportunities to learn about, research, and write topics based on his clients' needs - for example, editing fitness articles with emphasis on SEO, or assisting with the redesign for a non-profit organization's web content.

Passionate about helping others achieve their goals through writing - whether it's editing documents like resumes, essays, and articles, or social media and marketing content for your Wordpress or Facebook pages - Anthony is always looking to make new connections with other writers or those who might need one. If you're a game developer, designer, artist, musician, writer, or any other title in the industry, he's always looking for new companies and concepts to write about too.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Anthony has written over 200 articles on the video game industry, ranging from short news updates to lengthy reviews and features. Aside from just discussing the games themselves, Anthony focuses on "the human element" of the industry with emphasis on independent development, games as art, and how gaming affects popular culture. Outside of formal articles, he has also written a number of humorous list articles injected with strategies and tips for a number of games.


Anthony has written a handful of articles discussing technology and how it affects the human experience (such as transhumanism and other related philosophies). Aside from technology and its evolution, Anthony is extremely interested in the cultural and philosophical impacts technology has on people and society as well as real-world application of concepts once thought to be science fiction.

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Summary of Product Experience


Anthony has written over 200 articles related to video games, technology, and film since 2013. While the video game industry is his main subject focus, instead of just covering reviews and product news, he tends to discuss "the human element" of gaming -- that is, topics like games as art, gaming's influence on popular culture, and personal accounts of various professionals on the independent side of the industry.

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