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Charley's experience includes writing for chemical and life science companies as well as digital and print media. As a communication director for major pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies, he wrote product and event announcements, standby statements and frequently asked questions and answers. He also ghostwrote executive presentations, speeches and blogs. In addition, Charley has prepared communication plans with strategies and tactics, and created intranet and website content aligned with key messages. Charley has also contributed feature stories to daily newspapers and their websites, published articles on a wide range of topics in various social media, and taught business and professional communication to college students as an adjunct professor.


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As a communication director and consultant for major global life science companies, Charley wrote internal articles on change initiatives, presentations on business issues and trends, executive blogs and intranet content. Charley also wrote external announcements on products and events, standby statements on situations, frequently asked questions and answers for use with media, and website content. In addition, he has also created internal and external communication plans with strategies and tactics for generic and branded pharmaceutical companies and providers of pharmaceutical ingredients and services.

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Press Release

Charley has written press releases about new products and events and created content for newsletters, intranets and websites of major life science and chemical companies. He has prepared write-ups addressing change initiatives, business goals, results and challenges, site activities and issues. Charley has also prepared standby statements and frequently asked questions and answers for situations.


Charley's articles have been by published by daily print and digital media. Among them is an Asbury Park Press feature about a landscaper who became a librarian and is now helping others through career changes. He also wrote an article for his daily newspaper about an artist whose unique style makes people smile. Charley began his career as a journalist and continued writing while serving as a communication director for major life science and chemical companies.

Blog Post

The advent of blogs couldn't come soon enough for Charley. A lifelong writer, he has enjoyed writing about almost anything and everything of interest on his personal blog. More importantly, he has helped corporate executives in the life science and chemical industries articulate their perspectives on business issues and trends in presentations, speeches, articles and letters as well as blogs.

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