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Kristopher R has been a practicing attorney since 2009, when he earned a Juris Doctor and passed the bar exam. He has worked primarily as a general practice attorney with clients in a wide variety of legal practice areas including, but not limited to, family law, business and commercial transactions, social security disability, civil lawsuits for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, workers compensation, administrative law, bankruptcy, contracts, estate planning, wills and trusts, and many other areas. Kristopher has experience in litigation at the trial court level and the appellate court level. Although work in a general practice firm is interesting, Kristopher truly enjoys research and legal writing, not only in garden variety pleadings, but in briefs and complex motion practice as well.


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Kristopher has been a general practice attorney for nearly a decade. In that time he has had clients in contract disputes, family law matters, workers compensation claims, bankruptcies, personal injury claims, estate planning, and many other areas of the law. He regularly drafts every type of document needed in the practice of law. These include letters to clients and other attorneys, discovery, motions, briefs, direct mailings, emails, contracts, wills, trusts, and other types of documents.

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Summary of Product Experience

Direct Mail

Over the years, Kristopher has created a number of direct mailing advertisements to solicit new clients. For each such project, Kristopher tailored the language, style, and vocabulary of the direct mailing to match the target audience. When drafting direct mailing to business enterprises, for example, Kristopher assumed a higher level of business sophistication, higher educational level, higher socioeconomic class, and larger vocabulary than would be used for targeting potential workers' compensation claims clients. He then drafted the direct mailing to match the likely business client. By considering these factors and drafting direct mailings to match these factors, my direct mailings brought in many new clients.


Kristopher has written many speeches on many different topics and for many different venues. He has not only done many presentations himself, both in his professional and personal capacities, but he has also written and edited speeches for others. For each such occasion, Kristopher has researched the relevant subject matter, found sources, and written the speech based on the research done. Further, as a litigator, Kristopher must craft opening and closing arguments for each trial, speeches based on legal precedent applied to the facts of each individual case, and deliver these speeches in a persuasive style to convince judge or jury to rule in favor of his client. He has given presentations to various bar associations promoting the his state's Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, as well as new developments on the law.

Newsletter Content

Kristopher has written newsletter content for several different clubs over the years. These articles were for clubs of which he was a member and covered content of interest to the clubs. His most recent newsletter submission is for his beekeeping club and concerns the coming spring nectar flow and how to manage honey bees during the early spring. He has written for church bulletins, high school band newsletters, and other local organization newsletters.

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