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Creative, business-savvy marketing and communication professional with 30 years of progressive experience across a broad range of marketing functions and diverse industry segments. Proven ability to combine vision, creativity, strong business acumen coupled with time management to get your project completed on time.

Recognized industry leader specializing in trade shows, hospitality, real estate and diversity marketing. Experience: Twelve years as a copywriter/analyst for an international news network in the UK. Twenty years as a freelance scriptwriter for industrial videos and website copy. Ten years of specialty writing in the hospitality and travel industry; eight years as a research industry analyst on consumer insight for a specialty magazine based in the UK on US market trends.

4 years of broadcast journalism at college radio station. One of the 1st women to graduate with a degree in journalism from NYU. Undergraduate and Graduate Annenberg Scholar.
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Penney specializes in well researched journalistic style but can write creatively and conversationally.

*Blog Posts
*Business articles
*Industrial scripts
*Travel writing
*Creative writing
*Informational content
*Instructional content
*News articles
*Product descriptions
*SEO / keyword placement
*Website copy and/or Editing.
*Speech writing
*Social Media development
*Corporate communication
*Branding Materials

She's very active on Twitter.


Travel; video games; community gardening; reading; Bloody Marys, alternative housing design (tiny houses, dome homes, industrail hemp)


New York University

Annenberg Scholar. Interned at the Ford Foundation.

Stern School of Business

Executive MBA program. Annenberg Scholarhip.


555 Projects Completed

Given over 10000 photos collected in two years, the directive was to produce two years of travel content for a website using a 1st person narrative going only by notes. A fictionalized account of a globe traveling crew. The website was actually used to promote the client's production companty but wanted authentic "stories" that would address the adaptability of their crews as well as antedotal blog posts to make it flow.


500 Projects Completed

Trade show industry writer for various publications. Wrote reviews of trade events across seventeen different industries. Created usable content that could be pulled into presentations, sales pitches and social media. Attended over 70 events per year since 2004. Most of them were repetitive and the biggest challenge was finding something - technology or product that would make it exciting year after year.

Real Estate

168 Projects Completed

Hired to write unique descriptions of homes for sale to set listing agent apart from her competition. Wrote scripts for those 500K plus units stand alone videos used on the company website. Content marketing for social media - highlighting each home. Created additional related content about community and the general real estate industry though research and data driven analytics.

Blog Post

1,104 Projects Completed

Content creation for both internal and external clients for their blogs. This included maintaining a content calendar so there was no duplication. Outlining snippits that could be cross posted in social media. Consistent keywording for ranking.


1,001 Projects Completed

For 12 years, Penney worked for a video production company as the Director of Trade Show Services. In this job, she was often asked to either write or revise video scripts on-site to be converted into content for the use by the client. Sometimes with very little knowledge or time. Some of the industries were steel, travel, real estate, aircraft ground services, consumer electronics etc.

Direct Mail

1,000 Projects Completed

Wrote copy for letters, post cards and brochures. Most of the direct mail pieces involed initial creation or editing from previously used documents but updating the language. Also started a Thank You card service where we used standard language but hand wrote each card to a webinar attendee.


151 Projects Completed

Working in the trade show industry, besides video, clients wanted something they could use in direct mail. Taking their business and distilling it down to an interesting 6 to 8 page brochure was somewhat of a challenge in that there was prep work involved on their industry as well as looking at their competitors so our language would set theirs apart.

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