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Hanna B. is a freelance writer with experience in game development, web content and marketing. She has worked on mobile social games producing everything from scripts to push notifications to detailed story documents. She teaches creative writing and runs a geek culture website, where she contributes pieces on new video games, novels and reviews TV. She has hands on experience in independent travel (Europe, North America, South East and East Asia), working as a freelance musician, working in senior care and crafting (knitting, wire work, felting, beading). Along with these she has extensive knowledge in several pop culture fields: TV, film and publishing, video games, conventions, and board games. She specializes in creative copy other strict word and character limits.


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Hanna B. was the primary game writer for TinyCo's Tiny Castle. She was also a game writer and narrative designer for TinyCo's Spellstorm and an unpublished project. She wrote a series for Episode by PocketGems. Her work includes story development, dialogue and script writing, marketing copy, continuing content, descriptions and in-game text.


Hanna B. frequently writes about various entertainment industries: from reviewing Netflix's latest series to upcoming novels to dissecting older works of fiction for aspiring writers.

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Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Hanna B. has written product descriptions for web and print for ballet studios, writer's workshops and senior care facilities.


Hanna B. has written proposals to improve efficiency in senior care facilities, especially for improving the accuracy of tracking meals. She has also volunteered her time and skill to write grants for private schools and public school programs.

Blog Post

Hanna B. blogs about writing, games, and creative processes. You can find her work on her personal blog (www.hannabrady.com) or on Killer Moose Media (www.killermoosemedia.com).

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