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Patrice Garrick is a freelance writer whose life experience has given her much to write about. She spent more than 18 years raising a son and a daughter, as a single parent. Although it came with many challenges, it taught her to be resourceful and efficient in everything she does.
She spent 10 years as an administrative assistant, which came with its own challenges. She worked directly for the owner of the company. She learned a lot during those years, and experienced much professional as well as personal growth. The position required that she setup the company's database, which controlled cost and pricing structures. She was the liaison between the company and non-goods vendors, for example, the telephone company, and IT support. She also established and maintained inventory controls for over 1,000 items, making annual purchases averaging $1.5 million.
Unfortunately, due to chronic illness, she had to stop working in that capacity. This is why she decided to start a freelance writing career. She started and continues ghostwriting for business blogs. In this capacity, she often does promotional and informational blogging, and commonly writes articles highlighting points of interest to draw attention to real estate properties. Although writing is new to her, she has been successful in her endeavors and hopes to continue for many years to come.


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University of Virginia

Patrice Garrick gained life experience as a student at the University of Virginia. Although not completing her degree, she retained much of her knowledge of the various Psychology and Mathematics classes she took. She has been able to use this information in practical ways.


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Patrice learned, the hard way, the benefit of writing down and sticking to a budget. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that deciding not to have a written budget doesn't improve their financial status. It can have the opposite effect, because there's little impetus to control spending. She often encourages others in this area.


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Writing comes natural to Patrice. It's probably because she's seen so much, good and bad, during her life. Because of this, she started writing her first novel. The premise is an open letter to a future best friend whom she hasn't met yet. The intent is to help her realize that life, despite its trials, is worth living.

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