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Brittany Hofmann is a results-driven, energetic, and versatile HR certified professional with experience in core HR functions including recruitment, appointments, training and development, special projects, new initiatives, and customer service. Brittany possesses excellent organizational and business communication skills, with a passion for process improvement and client success. Brittany has been in public service for over 7 years, at state universities and county government, giving her a unique perspective on the HR challenges of the public sector. An avid reader, Brittany considers herself to be a life-long learner and has a diverse range of literary and educational interests. She is also well traveled with a passion for world cultures and history.


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Brittany is a skilled practitioner of several hand crafts, with a current focus on historical recreation of the arts and crafts of the middle ages.


Brittany has been in the field of higher education for well over ten years, both as a student and as a university employee.


Brittany caught the travel bug at a young age, during a formative trip to Israel and Egypt at the age of five. Since then she has taken every opportunity to learn about world cultures, and visit them as often as possible. Whether it is studying local shamanistic practices in Peru, or honeymooning in Italy, Brittany loves to immerse herself in the culture and history of a place and learn as much as possible.

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Brittany enjoys sharing things in a playful and engaging way, whether it be adventures in crafting, or sharing her own weight-loss and body struggles.


Brittany has a wide breadth of experience with academic and other research, and is able to present information with a clear, easy style.

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