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Jai is a freelance writer and web designer. While studying Computer Forensics, she developed a passion for writing, while doing a lot of research on topics such as cyber bullying-how it happens and how it can be prevented, anthropological topics, such as weddings in the Middle East, and topics in criminal justice. While keeping one leg in the computer field, she has found a way to branch out into writing.
Jai lives in New York City, but she has lived and traveled throughout the US, as well as throughout Europe and the Middle East.


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Jai has her own personal travel blog that she uses to write about travel destinations mainly in New York City. The blog also contains Instagram photos of places and foods found in her wonderful, international city.
She has written on various American and Canadian travel destinations and events throughout the past two years with Alyssa CR Writing.


In previous full time jobs working in technical support, Jai has created knowledgebases for clients and helpdesk using her programming skills, as well as written articles for the knowledgebase itself.


Jai has written articles for dentist websites, as well as adding content to a database of national dental insurance providers. She also has experience writing articles in the field of psychology, which includes such topics as overcoming fear and the long term effects of bullying both for the bully and the victim.

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Blog Post

As someone who witnesses the constant changing environment of New York City, Jai understands how aggressive the restaurant and hospitality industry is. Jai began writing articles about her favorite restaurants in the NYC area on her personal blog. Her passion eventually grew into writing articles for some clients with restaurants around the United States and Canada. She also does social media promotion for blog posts, events, etc in order to try to capture a diverse audience for the restaurant or business.

Product Description

Jai has written product descriptions on various topics including car tires, jewelry, and pens.She is detail oriented and adds creativity to the writing in order to allow your product to stand out among others.

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