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Jennifer is an accomplished writer with more than 10 years of professional experience under my belt. She has written over 50 professional documents for state and federal compliance, as well as published articles on subjects from geology and paleontology to medieval interests. She enjoys writing almost as much as she enjoys reading. Jennifer looks forward to working with a varied selection of clients to use her experience and education to their benefit.

Jennifer has a Masters Degree in Geological Sciences with an emphasis in isotopic geochemistry. She also minored in archaeology and currently works as a paleontologist. Her hobbies include gardening, spinning wool into yarn, throwing and handbuilding ceramics, and researching medieval and Roman history.


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Jennifer has written more than 50 professional reports for environmental compliance. These documents range from single page letter reports to 150 page government documents. Many of her reports have been used as the basis for scientific research or documentation.

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Jennifer has written numerous articles for publication, on subjects ranging from Roman gemology to the proper methods of curing olives. She enjoys doing original research almost as much as she enjoys writing articles. Her articles range from one to five pages in length.

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