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Winston has extensive experience building and maintaining a corporate brand utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has written numerous articles, research reports, blogs, managed social media campaigns and hosted podcasts. His work has been quoted by journalists and featured in industry publications. His efforts established his previous clients as the most visible thought leaders in their industry. He also has experience managing employees, working in teams and meeting deadlines.

Winston has written on a diverse range of topics including 3D printing, commercial real estate and tax strategy. He studies and comprehends each industry before even starting to write - ensuring honest and genuine work. He truly enjoys learning new things and coming up with fresh perspectives. His experience and skills blend analytical, creative and composition abilities.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Winston has 6 years of experience writing content for the commercial real estate industry. Writing projects ranged from short blogs to detailed research reports. He thoroughly studied the industry to create honest, intelligent content which was distributed to 100,000's of people weekly. His research reports were cited throughout industry publications and reporters sought out his comments as an expert on the industry.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Winston has six years of experience writing weekly blogs concerning commercial real estate and tax policy. Blogs include such topics as news commentaries, interviews, research reports, white papers, event profiles and market analysis. Winston has successful experience meeting deadlines, inventing topics on short notice, planning out features in advance and finding relevant topics. His writing style is exemplified by an easy flexibility to switch between tones depending on the topic at hand. He also brings a wealth of outside knowledge and perspective in such areas as history, politics, literature, music and cinema. Above all he has a love of learning and an ability to drill to the center of each topic.

White Paper

As Research Director, Winston has authored numerous white papers on a variety of subjects within the commercial real estate industry. His writing is clear, precise and easy to understand. He communicates the core principles of complicated subjects with an easily comprehensible style.

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