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A professional writer with experience in blog posts, articles, and SEO content related to fitness, health, nutrition, diet, supplements, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and other general topics.

Nick has a main goal of client satisfaction and to make sure every piece of content written is the best it can be to meet the client's needs. Also a certified personal trainer based in the U.S from the American Council on Exercise. Nick has a passion for fitness, health and nutrition, and specializes in writing articles related to those topics.


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Industry Projects

  • Fitness20+

Summary of Industry Experience


These articles were published on a variety of sites and topics related to fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding. The nature of the articles were of variety as well. Some articles were more brief and provided the reader with tips to succeed in their own fitness goals. Other articles were more detailed and provided a scientific approach to teach the reader what really goes on in the body and why certain things work and certain things don't work when it comes to meeting a fitness goal.

Product Projects

  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience


A variety of articles related to supplements, fitness, health, nutrition, and fitness motivation. Out of all the articles written about 50% of them were focused on SEO and keyword density. The goal was to write a high quality article that the search engines would love to index.

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