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Natalie N. is in her junior year of at Grand Canyon University, obtaining a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She has been writing for most of her life and has experience in areas of product sales and retail. Natalie has experience in writing: non fiction, poetry, short narratives and essays. She has yet to be published but has been submitting her writings to different journals and magazines. Her works have been chosen for review and possible future publication. She is patient, honest and loyal in everything she does. Natalie is a hard worker and dedicated to her schooling and future career as a writer and/or journalist.
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Natalie N.'s specialties consist of research, journalism, non-fiction, editing and poetry. She has been trained and educated by well known professors at Grand Canyon University, as well as studied Special Education and Music. Natalie has is currently writing a memoir and has a speciality in writing about life's struggles and triumphs.


Natalie Grace's interests consist of reading, writing, being outdoors, researching topics of interest, mental health advocacy, and spending time with family and friends. She likes to keep up with her writing and schooling daily and is very dedicated to her work.


Grand Canyon University

Natalie Niethe is considered to be in her 3rd year at the college of Grand Canyon University. She has studied at other colleges in the past. Natalie has studied: Special Education, Music, and Psychology. All fields of study have helped her reach her goals and be more knowledgeable about her writing career.

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Natalie Niethe has an expertise in mental health advocacy and writing. She writes poetry, non-fiction, fiction and essays to help others know that they are no alone in their struggles and trials in life. Self help has been her passion for many years. Having struggled herself with mental health, she knows the grounds of what needs to be done to get help and be helped. Her writings express these aspects in a variety of ways.


0 Projects Completed

Natalie N. is currently writing memoir about her life and mental health struggles, hoping to save and help other's with her overcoming of her mental health issues in the past. She is currently putting together a book of poetry and short-narrative; fiction and non-fiction. Natalie is extremely passionate about her work and advocacy in writing about mental health and the stigma that surrounds it. She hopes to one day be apart of a team of expert writers that can help people around the world.

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