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Art, Design, Fashion, Finance, Health and Travel.


Animals; Architecture; Art; Books; Design; The Environment - including beach recreation, camping, living off-the-grid, offshore yacht racing/sailing, SCUBA diving, surfing, sustainability, (yes, cliché as it sounds, she lives in LA and drives a Prius); Fashion; Health - including the food dilemma, group fitness and other elements of a holistic existence; Human Psychology - including desires, empathy, habits, influence, motivations and relation to others; Reading - including various topics that provide any opportunity to learn; Travel - especially regarding countries where she has spent a lot of her life in: America, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and The UK.


Villanova Preparatory School

Although Proffitt despised high school, she excelled in it. Class president for three years, captain of the girl’s volleyball and soccer teams and strong grades – it would appear she would be happy with these achievements. However instead, she found it’s frivolous and outdated competitions to be a waste of energy eventually, which lead to her “taking a year off” between reapplying at universities.

The Sanford Meisner Center

Proffitt openly states that taking these courses under the direction of Martin Barter changed her person, her receptivity to empathy, her outlook – and therefore her life, for the better.

Santa Monica City College

In recognizing she would have to take mandatory classes she had no interest in, on top of her fears of accumulating massive debt amongst the flawed American education systems, Proffitt quickly aborted her endeavor to obtain a Bachelors Degree of Art.


17 Projects Completed

As the child of two Los Angeles entrepreneurs who own a clothing business with the tagline "Wearable Art", it's no wonder that craft has been a part of Billie's life from the beginning. Visits to her parents' office in Indonesia's village of Pekalongan - the ancient batik capital of the world - since the age of 13, her infused lessons of artisans across the board have brought a well-versed understanding of multiple "art languages" (including architecture, photography, painting, sculpture, styling and textiles) that are clearly heard in the writer's voice. She is often sought out by galleries and artists alike for her insightful and readable material for critiques, show essays and talks, which have employed her in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Santa Barbara, Singapore and Sydney.


8 Projects Completed

Since being involved with production for over half her life, Billie's natural ability to take on a scope of roles on TV and film sets varies in description. A handful of producers employ her to write show synopses, content for web their designers and script edits.


4 Projects Completed

Published in Vault - New Art & Culture Magazine, "Of Helmut & Henriette" was enthusiastically embraced by the Australian art world for the author's exposé of a highly recognized face whom few people knew anything about, even quite particularly, her name. As a post WWII refugee turned Melbourne transplant, Newton himself is an infamous Australian, but the little recognized Allias was warmly received for her participation in photography's history through Billie's article.

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