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Jacquelyn's writing roots run through a variety of genres. She's been writing poetry, songs, short stories, and screenplays since childhood, and has published seven books on Kindle that represent the best of those years.

She learned the basics of writing for the Web and AP style as a member of the Yahoo! Contributor Network and published articles about health, the environment, GMOs, and more on that site. Several years ago, Jacquelyn started ghost-writing blogs and landing pages for clients on various content creation sites while selling personally inspired writings on another site.
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Landing pages, Blogs, Product descriptions


Writing about human health, pet health and behavior habits, alternative healing practices, gardening, realty, contractors, travel destinations, and writing stories for family entertainment


Antelope Valley College

After completing many courses in children's studies, Jacquelyn felt compelled to return to an earlier field of endeavor, art. In time, she began modeling for artists throughout Southern California, where she was quickly regarded as a premier model. She was eventually offered a supervisor's position of Model coordinator at Antelope Valley College.


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Jacquelyn Roberts is a licensed Medical Assistant who received intensive training and certification at the Bryman School for Medical Assisting in the early 70s. She advanced her medical knowledge as an EKG technician at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, and received nurse training at UCLA. Jacquelyn also worked in the emergency room at USC.

Driven to expand her understanding of human health, Jacquelyn studied under two healers who taught alternative methods of addressing health issues, working specifically with Aloe Vera, flower essences, and herbs. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge led Jacquelyn to explore the inherent healing properties of foods, organic gardening, aromatherapy, and more.

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One of the benefits Jacquelyn enjoys while writing for content creation sites is having the ability to choose assignments and explore a broad variety of genres. She has especially enjoyed writing landing pages and blogs for:

• Realtors
• Landscapers and hardscape contractors
• General contractors
• HVAC contractors
• Chiropractors
• Solar industry experts
• Lighting companies
• Assisted living facilities
• Travel agencies
• Hotels
• Handbag and luggage retailers
• Pet-related services and products

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