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Lorraine S. considers herself a bit of a jack of all trades. She attained an undergraduate degree in Marine Science in 2001 and went on to work as pharmaceutical microbiologist for six years. In 2008, she moved into technical writing for two years, preparing documentation for the FDA, as dry a writing as ever existed, but satisfying work when a drug application was accepted.

In 2010, Lorraine completed her MBA while raising a family and by 2011, she began work in animal welfare management. Lorraine is exceptionally well-versed in the challenges that arise in attempting to balance work, a family, and personal development. While focusing on her career, Lorraine also raises her two daughters, ages 7 and 11, with her husband of 14 years. She knows the daily juggle - er, the daily struggle - that comes from working full-time and raising a family.

Despite the challenge, Lorraine is a longtime dreamer who still pursues her own interests, firmly believing that the only way to attain goals is to pursue them with a passion. Continuing education is exceptionally vital to Lorraine's life philosophy, but she's not set on traditional classroom education. She started taking piano lessons at age 29, wrote two novels by the time she was 35, and regularly photographs and paints the world as she sees it.

As a result, Lorraine's professional career, home life, and personal interests lead to an eclectic take on most topics and she is well suited to tackling many subjects. Her writing ranges from rigidly formal when necessary to a comfortable, off-the-cuff style, interacting with the reader on a more personal level.
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Marketing via humor and personal outreach


Family, Pets, Nonprofit, Marketing, Humor


Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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Lorraine has a unique talent for identifying the humor in just about any situation. As a someone who has worked in various industries from pharmaceutical microbiology to technical writing to animal welfare management, Lorraine's interactions with people on many different levels have always left her marveling at what drives the human mind. She has found that people essentially "just do funny things sometimes," and that there's a lot worth laughing about in life. She is known for her appreciation of irony and enjoys giving others the opportunity to view situations through her brand of humor.

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Lorraine has worked for the nonprofit animal welfare organization, Humane Pennsylvania, for over 5 years. Before that, she acted as a volunteer for 4 years. Her focus on nonprofit management while attaining her MBA proved useful, and she has served various roles throughout her time with the organization. Lorraine began her work as a Kennel Technician and Adoption Counselor in 2011 in what she jokingly referred to as the lowest paid MBA salary in the history of the degree. However, she was quickly offered the role of Administrative Director and dove headfirst into the world of nonprofit management. Her roles since have included Berks & Chester County Director and Marketing Director. In the ever changing environment that is a small nonprofit, Lorraine has quickly learned that flexibility and adaptability are essential to survival.

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As a newfound freelance writer, Lorraine has completed over 20 blog posts for paying clients both independently and through WriterAccess.com. Her posts follow the guidelines as set out by the client with regards to tone and syntax, but she enjoys the relative artistic freedom that blogs offer as compared with traditional literary media.

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Lorraine S. was the Marketing Director for Humane Pennsylvania, a nonprofit animal welfare organization. She was responsible for writing, editing, and managing a variety of pieces including biyearly direct mail appeals, collateral, weekly electronic newsletters, social media marketing, and a handful of websites. She oversaw content at all stages of development from conception to distribution.

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