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Amelia Mohundro is an undergraduate at Itawamba Community College majoring in journalism, with intentions of becoming a successful novelist. She has been writing short fictional stories since the age of nine, poetry and music since age eleven, and completed her very first full novel at age twenty. She has also written and completed two Harry Potter fanfictions, and is currently working on a fanfiction regarding one of her favorite bands, Hollywood Undead, which she posts chapter by chapter on Mibba. She is also currently working on her second novel (a sequel to the first) and plans to develop a series from these stories. She has been employed by Kroger since June of 2010, where she works in Customer Service and Accounting.


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Non Profit

Approximately three years ago, Amelia was asked to write a few scripts for the teenage class at church for the Vacation Bible School program. She completed two scripts and started a third, which her preacher finished due to her work schedule interfering with her ability to finish on time. The class was made to look like a courtroom, and every night a different character from the Bible was "on trial". She participated in one of these trials herself as Abagail.


During her five years serving in Customer Service at Kroger, Amelia had the privilege of being responsible for typing memos and reminders. These memos were not formal; mostly they consisted of reminding employees of important events and fun activities that they could be involved in. She became designated to type up these memos after her boss discovered that the associate who had been responsible for them was having her proofread them first.

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Even as a child, Amelia loved to write. At age twelve, she finished her very first short story which was thirteen pages long. As she grew, her imagination matured, and by the time she began college in 2008 she had not only begun writing her first novel, she had written two fanfictions as well. One of the fanfictions was actually a project for her English class, for which she received an A+. Currently, she has completed one novel (which she intends to send in for publishing) and is working on a sequel. She is also working on a fanfiction regarding her favorite band, which she is posting chapter by chapter on Mibba.com.

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