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Megan Bushree has been published online and in print since 2007. She has a BA in English Literature and MA in Rhetoric.Her published books include "Coming Soon to West Knox", "Another Day in the Motherhood".and "Almost 21 Again". In recent years, she has immersed herself into online magazines that range from world news, advice columns, restaurant reviews to reflections on pop culture. Trying to stay informative, while also giving a glimpse into her own opinions on a variety of subjects if required.
She has also become quite experienced with Wordpress. With her own
blog, Another Day in the Motherhood, she has gained an ease and familiarity with photo editing and online publishing.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Megan has written countless articles for many online periodicals. Film and television are her specialty and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Entertainment.


Megan has written for a number of online fashion periodicals. She has explored burgeoning trends, fashions of the past, as well as, the inner workings of the fashion industry.


Megan has written a variety of parenting and family articles. She has her own blog concerning family/kids/parenting and has also published a book on the subject.

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Summary of Product Experience


A majority of Megan Bushree's professional writing experience has been writing articles for varied subjects.

Blog Post

Megan is familiar with blog posts due to her 6-year commitment to her own blog, and has also guest posted on other blogs.


Megan has published three books of her own. One fiction novella, one fiction novel and one non-fiction essay compilation. She is experienced with the process of writing longterm projects requiring research and endurance.

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