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Jacob C
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Jacob C has everything that you could ever ask for in a writer. From a great grasp of grammar and sentence structuring, to usage and syntax, flow of ideas, in-depth research tactics, timely work delivery, and a generous helping of wit; he commands great mastery of the language as well as a unique ability to take complex assignments and tease a flow out of them.

His aim as a content creator is to always deliver content that:

$-Consistently informs and engages the intended audiences
$-Follows best SEO practices and ranks highly in search engines
$-Promotes the clients brand and increases page views, potential customer conversions, as well as ROI
$- Sets his clients apart from their competitors


Jacob has a rich and diverse experience as a professional writer, content marketing specialist, editor, search engine optimization expert, and search engine marketing master. He is a guru in the technology industry; both from inborn and acquired knowledge. What more, he has worked with a wide range of clients over his writing career, which spans over a period of more than 9 years now.

His list of clients includes tech companies, healthcare organizations, medical practices, gaming companies, e-magazines, home living companies, real estate firms, retail establishments, travel agencies, lawyers and law firms, hotels, auto companies, marketing brands, construction and manufacturing companies, among many more.


“Great article, Jacob, thank you.”
“Wow! That was fast Jacob. Great work.”
“Another awesome post Jacob! Appreciated. More work on the way.”
“Very nice. Good topics covered, thank you!
“This is great Jacob. Definitely giving you an endorsement in the gaming industry.”
“You never seize to amaze me. Thanks for your perfection and speed in delivering the projects.”
“This one is truly engaging and easy to comprehend for our readers, Bravo!”


Over his writing career, Jacob has written hundreds if not thousands of articles, blog posts, press releases, white papers, eBooks, product reviews, rewrites and search engine optimized web content. He has helped countless upcoming businesses to establish themselves and gain ground in their specific industries by having powerful websites. His profound expertise in the computer and software tech industry always comes in handy with that.

Jacob prides himself in building long-lasting relationships with his clients; and he understands that the basis of such as relationship is based on dedication, reliability and the willingness to work with each client in a way that ensures their unique goals are met accordingly. What more, he is always ready to learn and adapt to new client’s requests, all the while ensuring that he never defaults on the client’s timeline.


Asides from providing his services through the WriterAccess platform, Jacob also works offsite with a wide range of clients scattered across the U.S. and from abroad. He provides a wide array of content marketing services for businesses and agencies that hire and add him to their offsite writing and marketing teams. If you would love to hire him, he has open buy-out contracts here at WriterAccess and all you need to do is contact a team member at the platform to learn more about buy-out options.
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Health & Beauty
Home Living
Employment/ Human Resources
DIY Projects
Local Attractions & Events


Jacob is open-minded to learning, trying and tackling new things that are outside his specialties. During his off-time, Jacob just loves to check out new trends that can give him an edge in the writing industry. He uses his off-time to browse through the Internet and learn how to improve his SEO skills as well as how to create ideal articles, blogs, press releases and web pages. He also enjoys solving computer puzzles, which are a great way of helping him be more sharp and creative in generating innovative marketing tactics.


University of Houston

Jacob C gave his university education the seriousness it deserved and managed to graduate with a first class honors degree. Jacob always gives his duties the dedication and seriousness they deserve, whether it's school work or client's work.


292 Projects Completed

Having studied Computer Science and graduated with a First Class Honors, Jacob is greatly interested in producing technology-related articles. He is a guru in the tech industry and loves to write on everything computer software, computer hardware, web development, apps, social media, gadgets, and machines among more. Apart from having the ability to follow client instructions to the letter, he also pays attention to detail and is committed to ensuring that he creates authoritative, informative, and engaging content to the intended audiences.

Over his writing career, Jacob has been hired and re-hired by very many organizations and individual clients impressed by his tech-work. He has an in depth understanding of the tech world both from in-born and acquired knowledge; giving him an edge over other writers in this field.


291 Projects Completed

Jacob is a guru in the construction industry. Having written a countless number of articles and blog posts related to the construction and manufacturing industry, as well as numerous web pages for both small and large-scale construction and manufacturing companies, Jacob understands this field in great depth.

His diverse expertise in the tech industry has helped him in delivering exceptional results on projects for clients that want content related to how tech is influencing and changing the construction landscape. He is always fascinated by the influence of tech in construction and manufacturing, and this is by far one of his best areas of research.

Home Living

274 Projects Completed

Jacob is a master guru when it comes to matters home living. His passion and interest in home decoration, remodeling, and even landscaping gives him an edge when crafting content on any such home living-related content. For years now, he has empowered a countless number of his clients by creating for them authoritative web-pages for their Home Living Service businesses.

He strives to build content on home living (blog posts, articles and whitepapers) that positions his clients as the industry leaders. So, whether you are a roofing, lawn service, plumbing, air conditioning, painting, or any other home living service provider; Jacob has got you covered.


273 Projects Completed

For more than 8 years now, Jacob C has worked as a freelance health and wellness writer for numerous clients including medical news magazines, health and medical marketing organizations, hospitals and medical centers, doctors and other medical practitioners in private practice, and medical societies nationwide.

In these years, he has created countless press releases, web content, news articles, blog posts, patient learning materials, health trend scripts, and podcast scripts among more. Jacob is a master in breaking down complex health-related information into content that can simply be comprehended by both professionals and the general public.

He knows that health matters can be complex and difficult to read; and that’s why he always makes his health content engaging to the target audiences.


271 Projects Completed

Jacob C has created thousands of marketing articles for clients from all over the United States and overseas. His articles have been approved through various online platforms asides from WriterAccess. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Jacob understands the essence of building relationships with his clients. He always seeks to understand each brand to the core before going ahead and marketing it.

His marketing work over the years has involved;
• Search engine marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Inbound marketing
• Marketing collateral i.e web content, newsletters, promotional products and more
• Experiential marketing


192 Projects Completed

Jacob enjoys writing reviews, blog posts, articles and descriptions of services and products offered by his clients in the business world. He has written hundreds of projects about entrepreneurship, start-up businesses, management practices, funding, taxes, and business rules as well as regulations.

He has extensive knowledge of SEO and keyword integration, and he particularly enjoys helping start-up businesses to boost their websites.


175 Projects Completed

Jacob has quite an arsenal of legal work/content to his name. Over his hugely successful writing career, he has worked with all types of legal clients, including individual attorneys, small and huge law firms. He has a talent in creating precise and concise legal content that educates clients of their rights and how they can seek legal representation to ensure their rights are protected.

He specializes on practice areas and topics such as;
*Family law –That is divorce, custody, and more
*Immigration law
*Personal Injury- That is workplace accidents, auto accidents, marine accidents, and more
*Criminal defense
*Domestic violence
*Civil litigation
*Business law
*And many more areas

The scope of law is wide and Jacob knows so. He acknowledges that he doesn’t know all that is there in law, but he always undertakes thorough research on topic areas that are new to him to ensure that he delivers relevant and authoritative content always.

In fact, Jacob has several U.S law firms and attorneys relying on regular blog content and webpage updates from him.


146 Projects Completed

Jacob is a smart academician and a highly experienced education writer. With his love for studies, Jacob has helped numerous learning institutions and college students with covering education-related topics both simple and complex. During his career, he has helped and advised learning institutions on how to incorporate upcoming tech into their learning styles and delivery systems for better results.

He has created almost all types of education-related content including blogs and press releases for major educational institutions. He has also helped many online colleges to build their online base with solid educational content on their webpages.

Blog Post

1,251 Projects Completed

Blogs are definitely one of the best and easiest ways to boost a client’s brand, increase page views, increase customer loyalty, and in some cases establish a client as an industry leader. Jacob understands this and that’s why he has managed to please thousands of clients over his writing career with quality, informative and engaging blog posts.

He has written a wide range of blog posts in different industries, but predominantly in the technology, marketing, business, health, home living, law, gaming and pets industries. Jacob’s unique writing style always targets on delivering exactly what the intended audience is looking for, and he is ever keen on following client instructions.

Web Page

876 Projects Completed

Your webpage can afford to earn you a customer conversion or a customer run-away. Why? Simply because a webpage can form a good first impression for your business or the vice versa. As a professional content creator, Jacob has helped hundreds of companies, organizations, firms, agencies and even learning institutions in creating webpages that are not only detailed and informative, but also deliver on that all-important first impression.

Jacob’s expertise in creating Web Pages includes;

$- Home pages
$- About us pages
$- Our story pages
$- Contact us pages
$- Landing pages
$- Product & Services pages
$- FAQ pages

Jacob strives to understand a client’s brand first before embarking on creating their web page. He is capable of creating content for entire websites, and even re-writing old website content if it’s no longer relevant.


634 Projects Completed

Because Jacob doesn't believe in plagiarism, he's dedicated to providing his clients with nothing but fresh, unique content that pass Copyscape without any problems. He has a wide experience in writing articles that touch on a multitude of areas, including health, travel, automobile, relationships, automobile, press releases, translations and more.

Newsletter Content

445 Projects Completed

Jacob enjoys a great deal when it comes to handling newsletter content. He has a long experience writing content for several different types of newsletters, and as such he knows just the perfect way to keep them catchy, engaging and easy to comprehend. Jacob even has 3 clients with whom he has worked as the editor for their monthly/quarterly newsletters serving the medical, technology, and home living industries.

Press Release

301 Projects Completed

Over his writing career, Jacob has written numerous press releases for companies and businesses announcing their product launches, expansion plans, mergers, celebrations, and many other newsworthy stories to the media. He understands how best to create catchy and ostensibly engaging press releases that not only pass the intended message to the target audience, but also create the publicity a client desires.

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