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Shelby is a writer and editor with 10 years of experience in a wide range of industries. She has a solid editorial understanding and the ability to produce compelling work no matter how complex the subject. Engaging people and forging connections through well-written content is at the center of what she does.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

Shelby contracts for a geomechanics engineering firm, editing proposals, reports and technical memorandums for consulting engineers. She provides quality assurance for consulting communications following the company's strict brand guidelines. Shelby has also written and edited marketing content and news articles for the engineering firm.


Shelby writes and edits case studies and white papers highlighting 3D printing with solution-based messaging.


Shelby worked as a news intern at MTV News interviewing, researching and writing online articles for the entertainment website.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Shelby blogged for a Minneapolis publication for two years. She also created her own Wordpress blogs covering trends in art and fashion, garnering thousands of daily visitors from around the world from 2006 - 2010.

Newsletter Content

Currently Shelby is working with a technology company to create monthly newsletters that highlight 3D printing solutions in specific industries.

Web Page

Shelby worked with home goods entrepreneurs to create an engaging website that told a story about their unique product. She wrote content for their about page, product page headers and product descriptions.

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