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Michael got his start writing for Gather Your Party, a volunteer-run video games news site dedicated to objectivity and transparency. Out of that experience he founded GoodGamers with some like-minded individuals. From there, he began working freelance, writing video game walkthroughs and articles on fitness and bodybuilding. Currently, Michael runs the Gaming section of Crush Reviews.


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Michael V's Finance Industry Experience

10 Projects Completed

Wrote articles about pursuing careers in finance and accounting, discussing employers and training.

Industry Projects

  • Gaming10+
  • Finance10+
  • Fitness6

Summary of Industry Experience


Informative articles having to do with various aspects of gaming. Topics were chosen based on such subjects as PC construction and repair, comparison of gaming peripherals, and troubleshooting tips.


Wrote articles about pursuing careers in finance and accounting, discussing employers and training.


Work included reviews of various bodybuilding supplements as well as general wellness articles extolling the virtues of natural remedies such as iboga and green tea.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Product Description20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Informative articles and product reviews about tech, specifically related to gaming. Duties included researching products, picking the top 5 or so in each category, rating them from best to worst, and providing additional details about specific features. Informative articles involved picking a topic and coming up with 5 or so subcategories to write about, with an introduction and conclusion.

Product Description

Walkthroughs of various puzzle and adventure games, requiring in-depth descriptions of content and strategies needed to complete. Most of the games walkthroughs were written for were by Big Fish Games, and were either point-and-click adventures or matching puzzle games.

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