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In my first position out of college, I worked in a data entry position with a weather company in town that serviced over 200 clients globally. It was in this position that I enhanced my attention to detail and learned that every customer was different in their needs and expectations but that all customers held the company, and the employees at that company, to a very high standard and expected the very best at all times. It was also in this position that I learned to work well under pressure, meeting even the most strict of deadlines. Then, in the next two positions I held, I worked in a front desk/reception capacity for two hotels in the area. It was in these roles that I not only mastered my over the phone skills but also my people skills, thus perfecting my abilities to carry a conversation and be friendly, skills I had not yet had the opportunity to master. In my current position, I am a general forecaster with a small start up weather company in the area. It is in this position that I have to consult many different numbers, graphs, charts and other written forecasts and, from that information, develop and write a detailed forecast concerning the client in question. Attention to detail and delivering an accurate forecast, before the required deadline, are what the clients need and expect. Writing well and working well under pressure, regardless of the complexity of the forecast, are very important skills needed in this position.
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Reading, writing, data entry, customer service, meeting deadlines and attention to detail.


News, weather, sports, reading and writing.


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David can offer critique, analysis and overall support in writing over topics such as small business, business and/or operations within a business. Having worked into a tremendous and extraordinary recession, right out of college, David has vast experience in this area and has seen how such an economy can bring trouble, complication and uncertainty to an otherwise highly successful business. David can compose written pieces to assist companies as they make critical decisions that will have a dramatic impact on the direction of the company and the hard working employees that work for that company.

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In his past work experiences, David would often make the rest of his team aware of changes as they developed...changes that were critical to the success of the team. He would do this through an email to the rest of his team members, making them aware of such critical changes and how they would impact the success of the team as a result. David led the team in this role and was given compliments from members of his team for the work that he did. Word of these team updates trickled up to management and even caught the attention of employees at that level. David received compliments for these repeated efforts during his reviews from management.

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