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Upon remembering the days of dreaming about her writing space, she envisioned the "green room". At the time, she did not really understand what that meant. The writer has always written something.......a poem to share what she was feeling in her spirit; a play that was actually produced while she was in junior high school; poetry that was inspired by her high school teachers; and poetry contests that she was encouraged to participate in.

There was another facet that had been brewing; that of her life "under the pecan tree". For the writer, this meant that she saw life unfold around her and through the voice of her father, was able to assimilate and understand life as she heard his voice. Her father was a "wise counselor" in the midst of turmoil. His counsel provided perspectives on life that molded her, even as a child; for the writer listened and understood what it meant to exist, be, and "maintain" people principles and respect for others through living.

These same principles filtered into her professional life, where she has worked in Human Resource Management throughout her professional career.

She always remembered her life from under "the pecan tree".

She left the cocoon and the shelter of of the pecan tree. She started to experience life in the real world. The pecan tree had been, was, and will always be such a part of her writing foundation , for it was in that world that allowed for embracing life and counsel from her wise father, whom enabled her to bridge life, living, and experiences in between to understand the potential profound implications to her own life. The combination of these experiences by her embracing them in relevant timeframes of her life, allowed for a comprehensive expression of understanding her sense of self. This included all of her life lessons...living, underderstanding life....life decisions, career aspirations, and challenging her to embrace those experiences. She also learned that those experiences created her soul - her perspective, and her understanding of the intertwinded aspects of life......akin to a pecan tree with its' branches and deep roots.

I know, it sounds a little eclectic, but the combination worked for the the writer. For those experiences gave her the voice that she has for life, for people, for living everyday, for issues that we have to encounter; whether personal or professional.

Personally, as she has lived "under her pecan tree", it has kept her centered and sensitive to how peoples lives unfold. For the writer, it becomes as issue of embracing the two concepts; personal life and work life. I write poingnant messages about both.

Professionally and professionally, the writer has used her writing skills to generate new business proposals, strategy documents, training curriculums, websites, and blogs, and other business related communications. She is also a published author, and currently working on her first novel. She manages two websistes.

She loves to bring research into her projects which adds the necessary amount of credibility to substantiate the positions of "Her Voice" - personally and professionally.

With her holistic approach to writing, she is able to bring the "best" of her into a subject matter; whether is it writing about a flower bud or workplace trends and issues.
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First and foremost, she is a writer. She uses her god-given talent as a poet, as a blogger, writing professional training material, researching and synthesizing data, generating reports, writing new business proposals, and social media branding.

The writer is a published author, and reviewer. The writer is also gifted in research and synthesizing information.

Professionally, with over 35 years in Human Resources, she has strong business acumen across various industries to include manufacturing, health care, hospitality, education, and service industries. Her forte is in the areas of Performance Management, Employee Engagement, and Recruitment and Selection.

Personally, she seees the beauty of nature, living, and has this uncanny way of seeing the possibilities in the most dire circumstances. Nature moves her, music moves her, and life moves her.


- Writing about man's interaction with nature and spirituality
- Writing about the emotions of the human spirit
- Writing about workplace issues
- Writing about living life
- Writing about Performance Management
- Designing tools for managing performance in the workplace.
- Writing about employee engagement
- Writing about workplace issues and opportunities
- Writing about workplace trends


Troy University

Completed school while working full time jobs. I was able to assimilate academia with "real" work experiences. Although not completed, the writer did complete more than half of requirements for the Masters program in Human Resource Management.


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The writer is a seasoned Human Resources professisonal. She has experience across various industries, inclusive of manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, government contractors, and service industries. She an adept recruiter, and possesses an inherent ability to assess job "fit". Her experience and forte has been parlayed into the launching a career coaching site.


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The writer's forte is Human Resource Management, with over 35 years experience in the field. To ensure her effectiveness as an HR Professional, she positioned herself to be "organizationally nosey". She wanted to ensure an understanding of how her role could best be utilized by understanding the nuances of the industries and organizations that she supported.

She has proficiences in the following areas:
- Talent Acquisition
- Recruitment/Selection
- Performance Management
- Employee Engagement
- Organizational Development
- Training

Her approach to managing these types of projects ential understanding the specific needs of the client, their cultural evolution, business criteria and measures for success, and review of available data.

She is adept at writing strategy documents, reports which summarize the results of organizational surveys, implementing performance management strategies, and strategies to "engage" your employees.


0 Projects Completed

This candidate has written designed a wide variety of presentations; inclusive of new hire orientations, skill specific training sessions, talent reviews, and conferences. (For proprietary reasons, these documents are not available to be posted as samples) I am submitting a review that was done for an author's publication.

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This candidate has been the author of several blogs and websites. One of the sites highlights the professional side of the individual. The other site focuses on the creative endeavors of the writer.

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This writer has drafted brochures for a variety of endeavors to include:
- the promotion of personal business initiatives
- the launching of start-ups that they supported
- special events that were sponsored by corporations that they were employed by
- website initiatives that were launched by the writer

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