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Lora R. has written since she was in public school. She served as moderator on the online writing group LDSMindspill from 2003 to 2011. Lora also has experience in animal care from years of pet ownership as well as work in the retail pet business and has given public lectures on animal care.
Lora writes on family issues, women's issues, and pets. This includes home making, frugal living, cyber schooling, balanced living in health and well-being, and the natural connections between animals and humankind. She seeks opportunities to benefit businesses with her experience in writing.
Lora graduated with a B.A. in Linguistics from Brigham Young University and currently resides with her husband and two children. There is also a rabbit who thinks he rules the world, and a dog who pretends to ignore him.
Over the years a variety of opportunities have come available for Lora. In college she did more than crack books and practice finals-week binges. She also tested herself with survival courses. She had to hike carrying everything she would need to live for a week on her back. She made fires with a soft-steel knife and a chunk of quartz. She lay awake alone under the stars listening to kit foxes and coyotes cry their hue and call. These were some of the most interesting classes Lora took as they tested her mentally and physically. She learned that the only way she could expand her limits was to first acknowledge that she had limits. Then she learned that being snowed on while making a fire with a rock and a knife wasn't so bad after all.
Later in life these lessons translated directly to animal care and later to parenting as Lora faced situations that stretched her much farther than she thought she could stretch. Children with life threatening illnesses, animals that needed observation and thoughtful attempts at communication, and the never ending cycle of pay day and bills, all reminded her of some of the lessons she learned in college. Yes, you can often make it one more hour, or one more day. No, this doesn't always mean that you should. Help is available, but you need to ask for it. The universe is a grand thing, and you are part of it. Classic literature stands the test of time as well as some rocky outcroppings and desert landscapes. The lessons go on.


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Lora R. has many years of pet care in the home as well as several years experience in the retail pet business. She has given public lectures on animals, detailing their care and relating some of the wonder and humor that comes of animal/human relations. Her experience ranges from dogs, cats, and small animals, to exotics such as arachnids, reptiles, and amphibians.


Lora R. writes about family life based upon nearly twenty years' worth of experience as an attachment-oriented homeschooling mother. She has dealt with children's disabilities in the form of high functioning autism, developmental delays, and speech disorders. These and other topics like breastfeeding, cesarean sections, early childhood, teens, childhood education and literacy, have all served as topics for her writing. She has published articles in La Leche League's "New Beginnings" magazine.


Lora R. writes about women's issues based upon personal experience as well as careful research. She has written about self care that includes spiritual as well as physical well being. Lora has published articles in La Leche League's magazine. She recently sold an article titled "Trust Yourself".

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Lora has written articles on parenting issues including breastfeeding and gentle discipline. She has addressed parent and school issues such as student motivation, communication between parents and school authorities, and finding balance in the school/family life situation. Lora has public school as well as cyber school experience as a parent and approaches issues in a conversational tone that helps ease family stress and illuminate creative options that others may not have considered.

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Lora has many years of experience writing content for newsletters that have been published within her church community. She organizes calendars, provides contact information for various organizations within her church, and writes inspirational insight as well as household tips for general use.

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