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Samantha M’s career started before graduating high school when she became a certified nursing assistance. Soon, Samantha G. became a mother, and realizing her future responsibilities, she actively searched for ways to give her children a better life. Her livelihood and desire to begin writing full-time was cut short when cancer impacted her family.
Deciding to look forward, Samantha began working to raise awareness for those with major medical illnesses, but her struggle was not over. She survived several years of domestic violence, and she sought for a way to express her frustration while making a difference for other victims of domestic violence. Almost overnight, her writing career was born.
In December 2015, Samantha began writing with a focus on human growth and development and family topics. From a variety of clients, Samantha was able to quickly take on the role of copywriter, and her work includes SEO-ready blog posts, how to articles, and insightful explanations of medical topics.


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Industry Projects

  • Green Products20+
  • Relationships10+
  • Kids/Family6

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Products

Samantha continues to generate all natural products for herself and others; currently 2 years. She offers newsletters and bulletins for every person who joins her green product brigade. Samantha instructs other parents to rid of tough acting chemicals by switching skin contact products and other supplies to better their families.


Samantha strives to become a relationship counselor, by offering advice and personal experience. She counsels singles and couples on healthy and un-healthy relationships, from the comfort of her home. Samantha regards relationships of all types, staying on the path for each individual. She has secured the title of relationship Guru from several entities.


Samantha has successfully operated a child daycare from her home for working parents for two years. She has offered child care and cooking classes to teen parents and expectant mothers. Samantha provides a safe and learning environment for victimized women in lieu of being abused by spouses for over a year. She opens her heart and mind to any and every one who needs advice, or counseling to grow throughout their day.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post10+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Samantha wrote and published several blog posts in the last six months. She has spoken many times about relationships, health and wellness, and family life. Her devotion with writing blogs expresses her experiences with others, providing advice when necessary and needed for all readers. She continues to grow within the blogging industry.


Samantha self-published a children’s book, with two more upcoming. She thrives on excellence by opting for her own children’s imagination and day-to-day routines. Samantha gives experience of parenthood mixed with childhood, with in between notions. She continues to write about child’s play while working on other titles.

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