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With over 7+ years of experience crafting stories and marketing strategies for small businesses, Martina has developed writing skills that drive response from any consumer group. Acting as a literary conduit between business objectives and customer motives, she creates landing pages, email and social media campaigns that encourage conversion and overall brand awareness. A Professional Certified Marketer by the American Marketing Association and fluent in various data analytics platforms, she weaves data-driven insights into each creative output.
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Blog + Article Writing, Copywriting + Editing, Fiction, Listicles, Interviews, Reviews, Persuasive Writing


Technology, Lifestyle, Consumer Goods, Beauty, Healthcare, Racial/Gender inequality, Sex, Relationships, Music, Special Events


CUNY Brooklyn College

Martina began her study in the medical field but quickly found herself spending too much time in the library reading fiction instead of studying. Declaring her major in Creative Writing, Martina began to write fiction and even had her first submission to an online journal published in her last year of school.


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Researching, writing and editing 500-2000 word articles, Martina captures the voice of a brand with exciting text that immediately draws in the reader. From fun fluff pieces to longer in-depth reads, her work has driven site traffic and provided a constant stream of content to help build up thought leadership.

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Creating her own blog, Martina has created over 50 unique posts around a variety of topics. In addition, she has contributed her work to various outlets and collaborated with others to sharpen their ideas.

Martina continues to seek out publications where she can contribute her posts; mainly those that focus on current events, music and relationships.

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Working for a blog focusing on startups in the Hong Kong community, Martina had developed pieces centering around entrepreneurial pursuits, tips on success and individuals making strides in the industry. Attending events on a regular basis, she was introduced to others that fostered new ideas for the blog. In her downtime, she aggregated contact lists of entrepreneurs in the area that were making interesting developments, or who needed a bit of exposure to get their ideas out there.

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