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Accounting and Finance: Asahi was an accountant for almost 10 years before turning to freelance writing. She is knowledgeable about many aspects of accounting and finance and can provide a new perspective for your project.

Budgeting: As a single mother for a number of years, Asahi is experiencing in penny pinching and can provide tips and tricks to making each dollar stretch.

Travel: Asahi has two years experience writing various travel related articles, including hotel descriptions, neighborhood and city travel guides, and landmark and tourist attraction guides.

Home Improvement: Asahi and her husband have worked for the past four years on do-it-yourself improvements to their home. She is self taught and ready to share her expertise with your audience.

Asahi enjoys conducting research for new articles and adding to her repertoire of subject areas. She is happy to take on any type of article and complete it to your satisfaction.


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Industry Projects

  • Travel50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Asahi has worked for the past two years on various campaigns for a large client creating engaging copy. Article experience includes writing copy for hotel descriptions, neighborhood and nearby hotel guides, city guides to include tourist attractions and close hotels, and specific landmark information and nearby tourist attractions. Detailed hotel and city research is required to complete each article.

Product Projects

  • Product Description20+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Using sharp copy, Asahi is experienced in writing product descriptions for a variety of products. Each copy highlights the benefits of the product, never the negative aspects. Asahi is careful to conduct proper research for each product description so that readers can envision the product in their home or in their hands.

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