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Katelyn is a private tutor for ESL students, public school students, and home school students. Her duties are to create customized curriculum and homework for each student. She then presents the curriculum to the student in a way that makes it easy to understand.

As a leisure writer, she is working on several books in many different genres. Currently, she is in the middle of writing a self-help relationship book. She tries to use relatable content and styles to appeal to her audience.

She is also a "struggling" musician. Katelyn was trained in opera and classical music, and is now working on an album that features entirely original songs..


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Katelyn works as a private tutor for both foreign students and American students. Usually her American students are children who are transitioning from public school to home school. Katelyn's responsibilities include: providing and creating curriculum material, organizing each student's school schedule, creating a planbook, locating support groups in the family's area, and counseling the parents.

In addition, Katelyn works with several freelance websites. She creates her own individual courses covering a variety of subjects.

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Katelyn has several books that she is working to finish and publish. She enjoys writing things that will inspire her readers. Currently, she is writing a self-help relationship book, as well as a fiction fairy tale. Her work is informative, but also very relatable. She writes so that the reader will understand and enjoy every word.

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