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Angelia is an established author who has published two full-length fantasy fiction novels to date, The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny (book one) and The Crystal Keys: Sera Oth Berinon (book two). She also contributed the first chapter to The Mom Quilt. She has written and sold articles through Constant Content for two years and has had her own articles features in Christian Voice as well as YourTango and an upcoming debut in Grit Magazine.

In October, 2016, Angelia created her own publishing company, AGF Publshing, and has two novels on the market under that label to date. She has maintained a regular and active presence in the blogger community with since three years and also writes for two other personal blogs. She is the secretary and communications/social media director for Vida Impact Missions and edits and writes regularly for their blog and social media outlets. She is currently working on her third book and hopes to have that out soon.

Before starting a publishing company, Angelia worked in the medical transcription field for over 10 years. She has also been a home school mom for 11 years and is an active member of the nonprofit community. Angelia works regularly with the homeless community through a ministry called 45&Hope, providing food, hygiene products, and encouragement to the men and women who call the streets their home. Angelia and her family are also supporters of orphan care and rally behind and support foster and adoptive parents through the Orphan Care Network. She also works closely with Vida Impact, Challenge Air for Kids, and TogetherAir, putting on events and finding ways to make the world a better place through service.

Angelia grew up in rural Oklahoma on a large farm and now owns and operates a homestead with her own family, where they raise a plethora of different animals for food and pleasure. In order to maintain the livestock, they also grow a large, diverse garden to feed the family and supplement the animals.


Farming/Homesteading: Angelia grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma and now owns and operates her own small farm in Texas. She has handled and raised chickens, quail, guineas, pigs, goats, horses, cows, rabbits, and more. She has an upcoming article in Grit Magazine.

Gardening: Angelia and her family maintain a large garden to feed the family as well as supplement the livestock on the farm. We maintain a plethora of diverse vegetables, fruits, flowers, and trees.

Parenting/Home school: Angelia has been happily married for 13 years with two beautiful children. She has taught children in many different capacities both on a paid and volunteer basis and has home schooled her own children for the past 11 years. She is a member of several home school organizations and an active member of the home school community.

Writing/publishing/editing: Angelia is a two-time published novelist and a contributor to a third published nonfiction work. She has been published in several forums including online and magazine. She owns and operates her own publishing company, AGF Publishing, and has successfully published two novels under this company to date. She is the active owner/bogger for My Best Laid Plans, which has been in existence for three years as well as the communications and social media director for Vida Impact Missions. She is solely responsible for all letters, blogs, and social media interaction for this mission. She has also worked for over 10 years in medical transcription and editing.

Ministry Work/Christian interest: Angelia is an active volunteer and supporter for several successful ministries including The Orphan Care Network (orphans), 45&Hope (homeless), TogetherAir (co-founder), and Vida Impact Missions (secretary/communications director). She is active in all of these ministries and has worked with humanitarian projects and ministries for many years.


Books, writing, publishing, farming, homesteading, home schooling, family, humanitarian work.


Oklahoma University

Angelia attended Oklahoma University for two years. Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable family circumstance, she was unable to complete her degree. She later went on to receive a technical certificate for medical transcription.


2 Projects Completed

Angelia uses her personal experience as well as in depth research to create informative and captivating articles regarding healthy food and lifestyle choices.


2 Projects Completed

Angelia uses her education in child development and personal life experiences to write captivating, sometimes humorous, and sometimes emotional pieces about what it is like to raise children in today's world.


1 Projects Completed

Angelia uses her personal experience to write articles for well-known farming and agriculture publications and has an upcoming feature in a major magazine about raising hogs for first time farmers.


6 Projects Completed

Angelia is a talented researcher with a wide variety of experience and training who is able to turn out captivating, entertaining articles on a wide variety of subjects.


3 Projects Completed

Angelia is a two-time novelist of the fantasy fiction novel series: The Crystal Keys. Her books include Champion of Destiny (first released 07/2015) and Sera Oth Berinon (released 02/2016). She also owns her own publishing company and has two published works to date.

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