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Andy Lee has worked in the education, health care, and legal fields, but her life-long love of the written word has been a constant. Inspired by reading great literature from around the world, she has written and published several short stories in various literary magazines, one of which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She learned how much she enjoys research while earning her paralegal certificate and now utilizes those skills in writing non-fiction articles and blog posts.

For the last two years, she has been living her dream of writing for a living. During that time, she has provided clients with original, well-researched articles on a variety of subjects. She has achieved consistently excellent ratings from return customers on a number of professional writing sites. Her effective communication with clients to develop the right "voice" for their specific publications has resulted in her receiving very few requests for revisions. Fascinated by the physical and social sciences, she relishes assignments that provide opportunities to learn and share knowledge with others in an understandable and entertaining way.
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Green Living


She has written articles on cloud computing, business trends, and small business development. A fan of entrepreneurial spirit, she enjoys writing articles that support and encourage it.

Social Issues

Social anthropology and sociology, two of her favorite college courses, continue to inform her writing. Skilled in persuasive writing, she has written a number of articles about current social issues and their effects on family life.


Believing that just about everything in life has the potential to be funny, she's written humorous pieces on everything from shopping to death.


Travel appeals to her adventurous spirit. She also believes that traveling translates into an increased level of objectivity which positively affects her writing, so she would like to do far more of it. She recently spent several months in Mexico teaching English as a second language and learning more Spanish.


Southern Oregon University

Andy Lee graduated Magna Cum Laude.


151 Projects Completed

Andy Lee has researched and written hundreds of articles on many aspects of family life. Those articles incorporated scientific research on child development, the results of psychological studies, the history of the evolution of parenting, and cultural comparisons of parenting styles. She has also written in-depth articles about various child care experts and their works in the context of political, technological and social change.


63 Projects Completed

Andy Lee has written several articles for regular clients about emerging business trends, with a focus on incorporating technological advances into traditional business practices. Topics have included business planning, the role of cloud technology in lowering costs and increasing productivity, the importance of mobile apps in remaining competitive, and internet security technology.

Green Living

25 Projects Completed

Andy Lee has been contracted to write articles on many topics associated with green living, including green financial investing, energy efficient architecture, urban gardening techniques, drip irrigation systems, alternative energy sources, and the health benefits of organic foods and alternative medicine. These articles served to help clients address the importance of environmental issues to customers by incorporating elements of green ideology into their advertising campaigns.


397 Projects Completed

Andy Lee has written a wide variety of articles for clients in several English speaking countries on topics ranging from architecture to zoology. These assignments enabled her to gain experience in both researching a wide variety of subjects and writing from a global perspective. They also familiarized her with research tools such as JSTOR and the importance of presenting factual information in an entertaining way while supporting the client's primary purpose.

Blog Post

157 Projects Completed

Andrea has written blog posts on a variety of topics, including business, parenting, science and technology and environmental issues. She enjoys research and has a wide range of interests. Her blog posts convey her love of learning and presenting new information in an informative and entertaining way while promoting her clients' objectives.

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