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Matthew received his BA as a double major in Creative Writing & Theatre (performance emphasis), magnum cum laude, from Susquehanna University, where he was the president of the Shakespeare Club and on the reading board for a campus publication, Transformations.
After graduating in 2015, he weekly wrote a sonnet that adapted a Bible passage and posted it to his website. He posted consistently for a year until he received a ministry position teaching English language and literature in Ukraine, at which time he shifted from writing sonnets to newsletters on his ministry to financial supporters back home. After returning from Ukraine, he resumed weekly writing and posting of sonnets while preparing to attend Liberty University.
In August of 2018, Matthew began his MA in English while working as a graduate student assistant for two class sections of a first-year rhetoric and composition course. In the fall semester, he wrote five major papers, totaling around 24,000 words, and, in the spring semester, four major papers, totaling 12,000 words.
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