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Luke describes his personal mission as lofty but attainable with persistence. It is, within the scope of his control, to eradicate excessive text and clarify gibberish in its written form. By reducing technical documents, policies, procedures and protocols to the simplest and plainest essence brings clarity and understanding.

Some people believe brevity is hard. Others believe that more words equals good writing or more thorough coverage of a subject matter. However, Luke can demonstrate that crisp and brief text clearly and effectively conveys meaning.

Luke offers the following skills.
• Proficient written, verbal, and interpersonal skills to effectively convey ideas and concepts
• Creative solution-based methods for planning, developing, and managing documents
• Flexible and adaptable to changing work environments
• Analytical-based approach to formulate successful strategic plans and processes


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Luke managed emergency preparedness planning and training for a state government. The activities included writing, editing, and designing emergency operations plans. These plans are operational documents to outline procedures, protocols, and policies. Luke engaged a collaborative approach with internal and external agencies regarding emergency preparedness and state Emergency Support Functions.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Newsletter Content

Luke has designed, written, and edited several industry specific newsletters ranging from university program activities to governmental agency happenings. He focuses on concise and easy to read text to convey messages clearly and efficiently. He can write to encompass general audiences or tailor information for subject matter experts. He also designs and formats full newsletters.


Luke has written several operating manuals and guides to outline procedures and protocols for employees. He approaches each project with analytical dissection to ensure all elements of processes are captured and written in a manner that is easily understood. Luke takes time to learn industry specific technical information to understand how to efficiently compose clear guidance.


Luke not only writes brochures, he also designs his products. Shunning templates found on some word processing or document development programs, Luke takes the time to design eye-pleasing formats to draw a reader’s attention to the information a brochure provides. He can write to encompass general audiences or tailor information for subject matter experts.

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