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Carrie is a producer that has worked in Los Angeles for over 15 years, with a long list of credits to her name. A skilled handler of both major brands and smaller, niche brands, Carrie is particularly experienced in children's entertainment. She is also a talented mediator of exchanges between clients and artists, keeping the team focused on reaching the goal together.

Putting her management skills to work in other arenas, Carrie manages several local groups that focus on mythology/story structure, and self-empowerment. In addition, she blogs regularly about political issues, passionate in her determination to inspire people to get involved and participate in our government.


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Summary of Industry Experience


After nearly 12 years spent bringing comic book superheroes to life in animated movies and TV shows, Carrie shifted gears to work on a broader scale of children's storytelling. A deft hand at creating engaging stories, whether it is with a major brand or a quirky niche brand, Carrie is passionately engaged in bringing stories to life.


From the moment her high school social studies teacher gave her class an assignment to participate in a campaign, Carrie has been fascinated by and passionately engaged in politics. Through her blog, social media, and occasional postings on DailyKos, Carrie does her best to share this passion with everyone around her.


At heart, Carrie is a gamer. She consumes games on her phone, her consoles (Wii and PS3/PS4) and her PC. She plays online with her brother, as a way to stay connected when they live 2500 miles apart, and she plays with her best friends, as a way to decompress after work. Carrie regularly gets together for game nights, playing cards or board games with friends. She plays seriously and she plays for laughs. Games have been part of Carrie's life since she was a child, when the whole family played games together every weekend.

Carrie has helped wrangle development art and shape story ideas for games - it's a close cousin to movies and TV, after all. Also, as an avid gamer, she will occasionally post blog reviews of recent games.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


As a producer of both movie and TV projects, Carrie has produced hundreds of scripts. She has an intimate knowledge of story structure and how to create compelling characters. In addition, she has created dozens of story pitches.


As a producer, Carrie has assembled countless pitch books for presentation at various major studios. Highly experienced at everything from organizing the presentation and flow of the booklet to writing the copy and/or editing the file, Carrie can become a bit obsessive about getting every detail correct before the big meeting.

Blog Post

Between Facebook, Google+, and Blogger, Carrie writes blogs on everything from news/politics to her impressions on the latest Star Wars film. She's an activist, a geek, a gamer and an occasional poet, who shares things that catch her interest on a daily basis.

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